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Are you an All Star Caliber player? Do you have a passion football and giving back to the community‚

Are you an All Star Caliber player? Do you have a passion football and giving back to the community…? Well, this event is for you.

The Indianapolis Tornados are hosting our 1st Annual Champions of Change Community Day in hopes to display Central Indiana’s Semi-Pro/Minor League Football talent in an All-Star game for the patrons of Champions of Change weekend event – Sept. 5th. All proceeds will go to charity.

Here’s an exert from the press release:

“The Indianapolis Tornados is hosting their 1st Annual Champions of Change Community Day on Saturday, September 5, 2009 from noon – 5:00 p.m. in the TAB Recreational parking lot located at 418 E. 34th Street (corner of 34th & Central Avenue). This free annual outdoor event is for the entire family to enjoy. The day includes FREE games, FREE food, FREE treats, information booths, entertainment and guest athletes and local celebs!

The event is Labor Day weekend as a kick off to the new school year and new beginnings! The event is FREE to all and will offer a variety of entertainment, activities, games, food, services and informational booths from different organizations through the city of Indianapolis. Through our event we not only hope that the community will attend for the free fun and food, but to take advantage of the service partnerships that will be present to help them in various ways. We anticipate this to be a great event to give back to the community, and hope that it will ignite an excitement for community service and outreach.

Since we are a football organization, our events will be themed around the game of football, starting with the youth football camp on Saturday morning (youth from 8 – 14 can sign up) and ending with an All Star Game Saturday evening to close out the night! Our vision is to create a model for other organizations that share in common interests to bring about a change in the community. We’ve been given the opportunity to change lives through football and athletics. The opportunity is available for other organizations to follow the path that we hope to establish.”

Team owners, coaches, and players – please email me directly if you need more information. If you have questions, you can reply to this thread as well and I will answer them as prompt as possible.

Brief summary of the All Star game details:

1) You do not have to be an All Star to play – we are “all stars” due to our passion for the game and giving back to the community.
2) The Game will be held Saturday, Sept. 5th at Tabernacle Field. This is one of the nicest “Little League” field turfs in the city. Trust me – this place will be packed!
3) This game is non-competitive, who cares who wins. Show your skills, get to practice and line up and play with and against other talented players from other teams around the city.
4) There will be a player’s fee – basically you pay for a very an inexpensive Champions of Change Jersey (aprox. $20), we expect a small donation to charity, there is one mandatory practice, and sign a waiver – that’s it!!!
5) Matter of fact, call me personally (317) 697-4033. There are a ton more details.

This is the beginning of something that can be really BIG, not just for the community, but for Semi Pro/Minor League football in Central Indiana in general. This is an opportunity to establish yourselves in the community, as a organization, if you have not already. Most importantly, bring about change.

Re: Are you an All Star Caliber player? Do you have a passion football and giving back to the commun

Thanks, Evan.

This is *exactly* the kind of thing that this board should be used for. If we had as much energy put into supporting this kind of venture as we do all the garbage talk that goes around here, your communities would be better served, minor league football would have a better reputation, and my guess is that the quality of football on the field would improve.