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My Two Cents

Well, well, well!!

We have seen a temporary changing of the guards in both the IFL/MFL in the last few weeks. Bearcats and Generals are now atop the divisions, as the Patriots and Cutters are right on thier repsective heels.
The Crush pounded their way to an impressive first win and the Pirates almost take one from the B-cats.

And yes, controversy raised it's ugly head and some bad attitude's apparently followed.

Gentlemen, regardless of the outcome of the events that were caught on film, let's use this as a measuring stick for how we will go forward. Not just as players, but as respected men who come out on our weekends and play this great game the best we know how, from the neck UP as well as down.

Now, to the good stuff!!! ------

Wolfpack (2-3) @ Raiders (1-4)

The Wolfpack proved me wrong and finally got the ball to roll their way with a great, exciting 21-14 win last week on the road against an always tough Shamrock team.
Dustin Petre’s INT in the endzone was the nail in the coffin of the game, but even though 35 total points were scored, it was a defensive battle for both teams.
In fact, it is safe to say that this Wolfpack team may be one of the top three best defenses in the IFL.
This game was also a notice from the Wolfpack to rest of the league that it is indeed, ON.
They learned how to finish, and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.
Watch-out, playoffs.
The Raiders absolutely play better at home, and actually played well early in the 1st half against the Mustangs, but it wasn’t enough to hang around all day for a win.
This may be their last shot to make a real positive move in the regular season, and even knowing this, they are now playing one of the best teams in the IFL which now has even more passion in their hearts.
The celebration of the Wolfpack they had at the end of last game I feel was really for two reasons.
1. The win
2. They themselves realized that this was only the beginning.
Remember I had said the Wolfpack hadn’t realized how good they are yet.
I think they have an idea now.

Wolfpack 31
Raiders 6

Mustangs (3-2) @ Crush (1-4)

The ‘Stangs handled their biz last week as expected, and now are looking to keep it going. With the internal issues mostly handled, they were able to concentrate on football, and when they do that, this is another team that looks the Champion style.
Injury riddled, they are not as potent, but still a quality team, I don’t think anyone disputes this.
They will be able to get by the lower echelon teams on a regular basis, but then we have the Crush.
This is a team that is definitely moving in the right direction, and with last weeks blow out win, they have more confidence than ever before.
The Crush rely on a smothering and quick defense to keep other teams running game quiet, and their strength is on the line and linebackers.
The emergence of #42 Ben Deleon at tailback is also proving to be an asset to the teams recent better play.
The Mustangs are still running the ball more than what we are used to seeing, and that plays in favor of the Crush.
There is a large piece of me that feels upset here, and I am going to stick with that, as the Mustangs, although piece by piece is the overall better team sleep on the surging Crush who play much better at home in my upset special.

Crush 17
Mustangs 14

Cutters (4-1)(@ Panthers (0-5)

We all know that there was turmoil in Bloomington last week. I was there and none of it will I allow to overshadow what is done between the white lines, so please let’s get on with the scores and game.
The Cutter’s lost a very good and close game at the hands of the Generals. Truly, a bounce here or there, or a catch made, or one dropped by the G man, they win.
But they came up short of the endzone on the final drive, although they played a great game and the game plan they had was very solid.
As far as how they feel, J.C. of the Cutters said it best when he wrote they are STILL the champs; and vet’s like he know that one game, win or loose does not a season make unless its at the END of the season, not the middle.
The poor Panther’s are going to play hard, but will experience the wrath of a team on a mission still and now, feel they have even more to prove. And whatever Chip that was on the Cutter’s shoulder, just became a manhole cover.
Cover your eyes on this one.

Cutters 49
Panthers 0

Shamrock (4-1) @ Generals (5-0)

What more can we say about the Generals? We knew the offense was potent, but what really got me impressed was the D last week. Two Int’s by Mcnary were huge in stopping potential scoring drives by the Cutters and a HUGE sack on the final drive by Generals DE, #31 and a huge pic by former Cutter DB Robbie Linville to help seal it.
The D held when they needed, although Cutter’s backs’ Izzy and Bobby did have some success running in that back/forth game.
Added was the usual consistent kicking from Clawson that helped for the win.
The Shamrock let one slip away at home last week but took it to OT. They were actually in position to win in the 4th. Driving for a final score under 2 minutes, they attempted a field goal, when a bad snap/hold exchange cost them a chance at the win in regulation.
In the OT period, a rare missed coverage allowed a TD pass left them with their mouths open.
Still a bit in shock, they will need to put it all together quickly for a trip to the Generals, and will have to contend with a very loud crowd.
No offense to the Cutters fans, but the Generals fans in the visiting stands last week were actually louder than the home team’s. Expect more of the same Saturday.
The pass-rush is the key, as the Rock will make it tough to run, but the Generals; now it proves, have a top tier defense themselves.
If Jenkins and Clark get going, they will make it hard the G’men’s Offense to throw.
But the Generals will indeed test the Rock’s secondary, that will make the difference as the Generals look to take a step closer to being a front runner to lock up home field for the playoffs.

Generals 23
Shamrock 14

Force (3-3) @ Wolverines (0-5)

The Force really put on an offensive show last week and looked very, very crisp in the passing game. The problem was the Pats shredded the secondary for 50 plus points on them.
Some good play calling also was evident on both sides, as this was indeed the year’s largest shootout thus far.
The Force are, as said earlier, somewhat of an enigma, as they have all the tools to challenge and beat anyone they play. When they execute they are one of the best.
They will have some target practice this week, although I see the Wolverines getting a score this week, I don’t see nearly enough of them to get close to this vastly improving offense of the Force.

Force 45
Wolverines 6

Cardinals (3-3) @ Patriots (4-2)

I’m gonna head over to see this one, as my wife will already be visiting her sister who lives 5 miles from the field, so this will get me a well deserved break from talk of any recent bridezilla episodes.
The resurgence of the Birds have got the MFL talking and paying attention. With injuries healing and the sighting of cardinal DB #5 Courtney Martin returning to the line up, this poses a very new look on defense for them.
Like the Mustangs, Bearcats, Pirates, Generals, the Cards are looking to prove to be tough to throw on and now have a shut down corner they desperately needed.
But facing him will be one of our favorites and a WR that has caused a bit of controversy; #3, which we believe his nickname is ‘speedy’.
Say what you will of his celebrations, he gets the job done, as do all the Patriot wideouts, and they have a QB who is becoming the best in the MFL, along with J-Buck from the Bearcats.
The Cards have played sort of a musical chairs at the QB position, but going with a newly transitioned QB from WR, speed is thier option, but they on defense; MUST get to #4 of the Patriots when he throws.
Although the Cards are flying a bit higher, I think they will get nipped, although they also will play hard all day and keep it close, the Champs D will make the difference in this hard fought rivalry.

Pat’s 27
Cards 20

Pirates (2-4) @ Wildcats (4-2)

This is going to be a great game, as theses are two very evenly matched teams. The Pirates played extremely well last week and had shots to take the game, but a late turnover sealed the deal on them also.
They were never out of the game and came back after falling behind 13 – 0 at the half.
It was again, the mental error that cost them the change it it, as the Cove fans were again left to wonder “if only.”
The Wildcats are returning to from, and not to have been mentioned lately is this wildcat defense, which right now, is second ONLY to the Bearcats in points allowed.
Look for that defense to be online this week, and if the W-Cats are to make a statement, it is to be now. This game and this time.
There are a few teams that truly pose a threat to the MFL title and the Pirates are one of them, as they also need this win to put themselves in that position.
Another tough one to call since both teams are needing this game, but I think the Wildcats will have the fire in their hearts and use it for the win.

Wildcats 26
Pirates 17

Bearcats (5-0) @ Blitz (2-4)

The Bearcats have taken the best shot from each and every team they faced, more or less, and now face a very different opponent.
An extremely talented and pesky Blitz team who played well last week in the loss at the Cards, the Blitz actually led at the half until I think the numbers thing concerning players got to them. Yet, the defense was very good for 3 quarters and they were able to generate some offense late also.
If Brian can get maybe even 6-7 more ball payers that play half as hard as the consistent 15 he has now, this will be one of the best teams in the MFL.
The Bearcats still rolling, did it on the road last week. Although the Pirates did mount a comeback, those mean ‘ol Bearcats stooped them short on the final drive and then put a hammer down to seal it late with another score.
This is what championship style teams do, as not all games can be blow-outs, but this team learned another important lesson in football this past week.
They already knew how to win, now they know how NOT to loose.
They will, like the rising Generals of the IFL, look to begin to take steps clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs and make sure the MFL Championship goes through them, and their house.

Bearcats 30
Blitz 12

Well, that's it. While I'm thinkin' of it, I want to thank eveyone here for the scouting that helps me do what I do, as I am not able to do it alone.
And props to ISPF for the props! We still are hoping more teams get involved with the updates system and thank all those who particpated. We pray you enjoyed them as well.

I'll leave it now to Supa, a man who KNOWS what he's doing.

Me, I am going to watch the big death match fight on pay per view (Actually, it's just a video camera shot of a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania; but no refs, firearms and more chair throwing!!!!)

Ya gotta love this game!


Re: My Two Cents

Love the write ups as always.

As for the Patriots, "But facing him will be one of our favorites and a WR that has caused a bit of controversy; #3, which we believe his nickname is ‘speedy’."

#12 Reggie Jackson did the magical video moment @ the Pirates. #3 Chuck Buckhanon followed up with an un-announce encore in Evansville. #1 Jarrad "Speedy" Jones just will out run you.

Re: My Two Cents

Mustangs 40 - Crush 21 final. I think your crystal ball may need a new set of batteries Vince.

Re: My Two Cents


But I thought those enegizers were supposed to keep going, and going...

Seriously..Good game...


Re: My Two Cents

Naw vinve, ur crystal ball was good the nite before, but it didnt tell u that the crush was goin to be mising its defense of leader at mlb, or 3 people off the oline. but dnt worry. the crush is playing this sat to make a statement. and i hope we pull the stangs on the first round wit our full team, and confidence. im not goin to garuntee a win, but it will be a whole better game then last weeks. no dis on the stangs cause they are a good teamm, but im tellin the ifl world watch the crush, we wwill open eyes so pls dnt look past us cause
we commin to fight.

cam johnson
crush #7 wb/wr/beast