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Playing Time

Hey are you mad today? About this weeks game? Your uniform is barely dirty, you stood on the sidelines and watched your team get beat? And now your peeved right? Because you think that if your coach had just let YOU play that would have made the difference in the game. If only they had put YOU in, you would have turned the game around, the score with you in the game would have gone from 47-0 to 47-54. Or maybe your ego is a bit lower and you realize that one person can't do it all and the score would have been 47-14. (Stick with me a minute I'm gonna make an important point)

Maybe your ticked off today because you stood on the sidelines and watched your team win. And you only went in for one play or maybe none. And you feel cheated! You feel like it was your turn to help run up the score. That because your team was winning you should have been allowed to go in and finally show these guys that you ARE a playmaker that you re just as good if not better than the rest.

It's time for a reality check gentlemen. Most of you (and I do say most not ALL) sit on the sidelines because you are not as good as you think you are! Bottom line!!! In both situations, on the losing team, no way are you going to be the one to turn the game around. No way do you even make a difference. Maybe at the most you would make one good play. But the men out there in your position, who may be making mistakes, they are making more than one good play. And if the guy out there on the field in your place is getting beat, then what makes you think you won't get beat, maybe even worse than he is. And to the man on the winning team. Stop and consider that maybe you didn't play because your not that good and they were afraid your mistake would cost them the shut out or even the game.

The reality in it all is that instead of standing on the sideline, or going home and complaining about how you didn't play you should understand this. Just because you "pay to play" does not mean you are good enough to play. And you DON'T pay to play. You pay to get a uniform, you pay to get to be part of a fantastic team, and you pay to have a great experience.

Finally ask yourself are you putting n the effort at practice? Are you showing up to practice? (if not then there is a GOOD reason you don't see the field at game time) And if you are the few who are at practice and still not playing, then maybe it's time to ask your teammates and your coaches "How can I improve?" "How can I get better and be more of an asset to this team come game time?" Too many men thinking they are way better than the ones playing and not enough men trying to improve and get better so that they have more playing time.

I'm begging you to not turn this into a "Drama" post. But to really consider the essence of this. No I'm not a player and not a coach or owner. Maybe I'm just a fan. But I'm smart enough to see (even from the stands) that everyone can get better (even the ones who are on the field all the time) And I'm not specifying which team I'm a fan of because I believe this can span the board from the MFL to the IFL and beyond.

Keep playing...keep giving us great games to watch. But pleasssse stop complaining about playing and earn it!!!!

Re: Playing Time

I must say that I have mixed feelings about this. I have been around the IFL for a couple of years, and it seems that each year, you have people who either complain about playing time, or else get playing time, but complain that they do not get the ball enough. There are several diffrent types of complainers though. You have the people who flat out can't play. If you are a WR, and a 300 LB line man can out run you, I think you might need to find something else to do. You also have your primadonna's, who think that the sun rises and sets in their ass, and if they don't touch the ball every drive, they are unhappy. These are the type players that I could do without, and agree that perhaps a little less lip is in order.
There are another type of players who express their frustrations, and I think they have a ligit beef. If you show up from practice day in and day out, work your ass off, and then get replaced by someone who shows up on game day who is a friend of someone. I hate it when coaches bring in a "ringer" to help sure up stuff, putting some other fellow out of his position. Coaching is about making a game plan that will work with your players, not finding the player that work with your game plan. You have times to where you have a good player, but they do not fit into the scheme of the coach. That is really no one's fault, it is what it is. The coach that I play for this year is by far the best coach I have ever had, high school and college combined. He knows his stuff, and the design of his plays show it. I am a TE, and we don't tend to work out very well in 4 and 5 wide systems. 9 times out of 10, I will catch anything that is somewhere around me, but getting down the field in a hurry is not my strong point. My chair route tends to look more like a Lazyboy Route. I don't like coming out, but I under stand why. Nobody to blame, it is what it is.
I think there is a really simple fix for this thought. In high school, you try out, and if your not what the coaches are looking for, you get cut. It is not anything agianst the player, it is just not what the team is looking for. I think semi-pro teams live in the mindset that the bigger your team, the better we are. What you get is the bigger your team, the more pissed off people your going to have. I think a good semi-pro team needs to have 25-30 players, and that is it. Have tryouts at the begining of the year, set a "cut down" date, and make cuts, and go into the season with the players you have. If you want a team comprised of all your friends, more power to you, go to it. Don't pick up people during the season, and don't make promises you don't plan on keeping. Make a depth chart, so that people know exactly where they stand. As a player, I can accept the fact that I am not going to start, if I know what I am expected to do.
Practice is one of those tricky little things too. We don't get paid to do this, we have lives. But, the more you practice, the better your going to do. However, it really gets frustrating if not matter how well you do at practice, it does not affect what happens in a game. If you, practice after practice, get good pressure on the QB, don't drop a pass thrown to you, or don't let anyone by you, and game day comes around and you are ignored because your not big enough, fast enough, or don't have the right connections, that is frustrating, and I think the person has the right to complain.
The simple truth is, that if your not happy, or not doing what you want, it may be be time to change jerseys, or hang it up altogether. I have been on teams each year that I have seen my friends, and myself, unhappy with the role we play, and it is unfair to oneself to keep putting yourself through it. In ten years, who the hell is going to care what your record is? Football, and sports in general are about going out, competing, and enjoying what you are doing. If your not having fun with what your doing, why even do it.