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This week in INSPF - Aug 29

As the kids return to school, football returns to TV , college tailgating about to kick off, it only means one thing, Semi-Pro Football Playoffs are just around the corner. Here are the games of the week.

IFL - Crush vs Raiders - Ok yes these are two 1-5 teams, but look what's up for grabs. The winner will face the # 3 seed which brings much better chances than the looser facing the Cutters. in the playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs, the Shamrock have more to lose with a lost than the mustangs as a Wolfpack win puts them in the #4 seed if the Shamrock loose.

MFL - Wildcats vs Force - A wildcats win will keep them in the top 4 and a home game in the playoffs, A force win and these two teams are still in the running for the 3 or 4 seed which the 4th seed finds a possible trip to Evansville.

Others - Tornadoes vs Storm the biggest game in the nation I believe. Two undefeated NAFL teams playing each other, only to play again in three weeks. Playoffs, pride, and being the best of the best is up for grabs.

State Rankings have been updated - Fan Prediction Center is up for another week of votes, and the State Scoreboard added up.

Shout out to Supa for a perfect predictions this week in Indiana.

Good luck to all the teams this week.