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Thanks Mustangs

Just want to say thank you to the Mustangs for a great game last night. You guys are what make this level of football fun.
I think what you guys did before the game for the boy who passed away was great. You never want to do those things but you guys did it the right way.
I think it lets our players and coaches understand how lucky we are to be able to do this for at least one more week. Great game and good luck in the playoffs.

Re: Thanks Mustangs


Thanks for the props. The tribute I put together for Jake was from the heart. I went to his funeral and was very moved by his family members giving his eulogy. There were a lot of good words used to describe him and I wanted the IFL community to hear them.

I also cannot say thank you enough not only to our players and fans, but to the Generals team, coaches and fans for showing so much respect and allowing this to take place. It's no secret that the Generals have been in the news, and I really don't care if it's true or not. I wasn't there. But I will say this and it came from Jacob Bergers dad last night after the game. He was so moved that not only the Mustangs honored his son, but so did a team from Indy. I informed him THIS is the IFL. We may battle on the field but we also pray there to.

Sorry if I let a song slip to long and into a play on the field. I guarentee you that if it did it was totally unintentional. To be honest that has never happened to me but if it did it will not happen again.

Good luck for the remainder of the season and the Generals PROVED to us at least that they do deserve the #1 seed.

Re: Thanks Mustangs

I was at the game and was going to save something specuial to be written for this exact topic, but since its out there..yes...

The tribute for the young man before the game and the Michale J song; as Coach JT said, is why we are here, and it was a class act that TRULY gives semi pro football a good name and the reflects the quality of the Mustang organization as a whole and in part of the IFL.

We all love the game and whatever role we have in it, but when Sid, Mike and the rest of any team can do something good like this, it improves all of the entire world of semipro ball as well.

Hats off to you gentlemen, and to both teams for providing a great game also!