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I heard that the bearcats play the wolverines in that rian out game this weekend. Could there be a new scoring record set? I think if the cats want to they could score 130. I see this game being no less than 80-0. Supa i would like to hear what you think too.


Your statements remind me of this article I just read last week.

When is enough ... enough?
Here is a grand idea. Lets let the two teams play, and after everything is said and done, lets congratulate the bearcats for making the trip to Hartford city and congratulate the wolverines for showing up and playing against all odds others have created against them, and thank god we are all so lucky enough to be able play this game instead of where we might find our next meal or if its safe to travel in public in fear of war.

Breaking a record? Silly pointless shit to me.


I agree.

The main goal of football is not breaking records, especially a dubious one such as most points.

When a team takes the field for a football game they should have one goal: Win With Class

If that goal can't be achieved then plan B should be: Lose With Class

I was on the Vipers team when we beat the Missouri Longhorns 101-0. Granted their coach refused the running clock at halftime and showered our coach with profanity when he offered it to him...we gained nothing. It wasn't fun. It was embarassing for everyone involved.

I have no plans to ever be involved in another game like that. My personal policy on a situation like that is to have a two quarter game and then go to the bench in the second half. Maybe give the linemen a glory carry, but there's no reason to run the score up that much.

As for the Wolverines...I appreciate the help for all of you bulletin board material posters out there. I think the wolverines are going to come out a bit tougher than you can imagine.


it is a 90yard field!!!