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Not to beat a dead horse....

Not to beat a dead horse here, but once again another topic for discussion on chop blocking. I am posting this to help someone improve and for tips on improvement not as a bitch session as to whether or not chop blocking is good bad or indifferent. Obviously I play for the raiders and was injured during last saturdays game against the crush. I have been a lineman on both sides of the ball and understand the frustration when you have someone you are having trouble blocking a d-tackle from the guard position one on one. Whether its speed, power, ability, or all of the above its frustrating and at that point alot of linemen turn to the old and faithful chop block. My only qualm here is that you need to learn how to do it and do it right or learn how to play better so you dont need it at all. To call out the player who injured me #78 for the crush you are a big dude taller and heavier than i and i am by no means small personally i dont think someone our size should have to chop block but admit i definitely resorted to it a few times this year when i had guys that were considerably faster than my fat ass LOL My point here is that you have someone that in my opinion seems to have more experience strength and technique on the other side of the center #72 i believe was his number and was a beast most of the night and i had a hard time getting by him run pass it didn't matter and he never chop blocked once... My only bitch here is not that you chop blocked me but that when doin it you blatently shot out for my knees every time i came off the ball when you guys were runnin the ball and you didn't have help from the center, I saw this to begin with and tried to jump back away from you around you or to one side or the other to get away from the block its a legal block just not done right.. I was always taught to chop block as a last resort and if you needed to it was done by firing out at their thighs or hip and thighs not at the sides of their knees... i.e the torn mcl i suffered as a result .. granted had i read run instead of pass i woulda known your block was coming but still if it was done correctly i most likely would not have been hurt.. And again this is merely to help you and improve player to player because i have done it i have done it wrong and been taught by other players to get where i am today and still learning more every day about the game i know i only get better when its pointed out to me what i need to change.. I am not saying i think you did this on purpose because for the most part i think you guys played a hard tough game of clean football and respect the hell out of a team that can come to new bremen with little over 25 guys and stay fresh and win a game against us at home i know we have our own kinks to work out before playoffs and next season but the bottom line is everyone has left our field win or lose knowing they played a football game i dont think anyone in the league can say we aren't a hard hitting team we leave it all on the field blood sweat and mouthpieces lol have a great rest of your year to everyone and i'll see what i can do to make it to at least watch some playoff games.. and got home from docs today partially if not fully torn mcl we will know for sure after my mri and there's 90% probability of some type of surgery but you better believe i will be back to play somewhere next spring i love the game and all of you i have played against this year it has been a blast cant wait to hit and be hit by you mf'ers :D

Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

I was never big enough to be a lineman, thank God, but I was a tight end and defensive end. I took my shares of cut blocks and delivered a few. An illegal cut block is basically what ended my playing days.

If I was a lineman in any semi-pro league I would have braces on both knees now. Not because of current injuries but to prevent them. They have made huge advancements in the past few years and they are not as confining or heavy as they used to be.

Just a thought.

Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

we need thad to chime in on this!
the chop block is not a dirty move and for the most part it is needed in certain situations such as a quick slant where the DE needs to me kept low... there are other reasons. If you feel you are being chopped every single down then use your damn head! as he goes low grab the back of his helmet and faceplant his ass then walk on his lower back with those handy dandy cleats! or just step over him and let him take himself out of the play. If you are a dlineman and getting chopped then maybe you should work on getting off the ball faster... If you are in his face at the snap then hows he gonna go low?
My favorite is stepping on the hands or back of the lineman then they tend to think twice. it may not be to "clean" but picking up shit isnt either!! The chop block is commonly misused in this level of football thats why injuries occour or the defenders are not properly traind how to avoid it... use your damn head if a guys gonna jump at your feet every play you should make him your bitch. hes at a disadvantage from the start being on the ground. STEP ON HIM, JUMP OVER HIM, ELBOW DROP HIS ASS. Just protect yourself!!

Kurt Engelking

Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

First off, the definition of "chop block" is:

A football play in which TWO or more players of the same team are in contact with an opposing team's player, one of whom is blocking at or below the knees.

...which is commonly confused with a "cut block":

A football play is when an offensive football player attempts to get a defensive player to the ground by diving at his feet and ankles rather than his upper body.

Go into alittle further detail, last year, I was playing nosetackle against the West Ohio Wranglers. The center repeatly kept "cut blocking" and the right guard kept engaging high on me. During our offensive series I kindly notified the side judge of the "chop blocking" and too please keep an eye on it.

At halftime, professional the three officials approached me and stated during the halftime they researched the rules of "chop blocking". They continued on stating that in order for it to be an illegal block that the center MUST engage on me high first & hold me while the right guard then dives and "chops" my legs out from under me.

So with that being said, the center engaging me first low and the right guard coming high, second, made this a legal block.

I am a defensive lineman and I am a big fan of the "cut block" from tackle to tackle. Honestly, when you have a huge mismatch between a far superior defensive lineman (like myself, LMAO) and a offensive lineman, sometimes its a last resort or the only tool that will keep a DT or DE in check.

I do also like the rule for NO "cut blocks" in the open field like they do in the NFL, but I wish the IFL would still let the Tackles "cut" instead of the guard to guard rule.

I am kinda up in the air on blitzing linebackers. If a 363lb Kurt Engleking comes blitzing the "A" gap should or can the right guard cut block him? (...ok, ok, maybe Kurt ain't quite 363. 340lbs may be closer! JK Kurt!)

I think Blitzing LB's & Safties should be able to be "cut blocked" through the "A" & "B" gaps. But outside blitzs from OLB's, CB's, & safties "cut blocks" should NOT be legal. A linebacker that times the snap count & comes blitzing in on a offensive guard sitting stationary makes him vunerable and helpless without the threat of a "cut block".


Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

i disagree NO CUTTING LB'S!!!
its around 290lb pal!!

Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

Well Ill be damned this topic again I see. Just vote the cut blocking back into the league jesus.

Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

Chris, if you ever learn how to block then you wont need to cut. Ask cody he will give you tips! Neon Green wife beaters help with technique!!
haha jk

Re: Not to beat a dead horse....

Kurt Engelking 36
Chris, if you ever learn how to block then you wont need to cut. Ask cody he will give you tips! Neon Green wife beaters help with technique!!
haha jk

I do know that if you wear matching color shorts and tank tops it does move you to an elite Ol hands down.I have seen the miracle he has pulled off.I will ask cody If I can use a neon orange tank top to get my feet wet next game thanks for the help kurt.