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BCS Rankings 9/4/09

11) Indiana Generals ^ 15
22) Ohio River Bearcats ^ 24
26) Indianapolis Tornadoes v 11
55) Indiana Cutters ^ 78
89) Adam County Patriots ^ 90
102) West Central Wildcats ^ 104
135) Noble County Wolfpack ^ 159
152) Elkhart Shamrocks v 121
172) Kosciusko County Mustangs v 146
180) Indiana Cardinals v 140
19 Madison County Pirates ^ 227
203) Indiana Mustangs ^ 222
206) Indianapolis Stampede v 191
229) Indianapolis Warriors ^ 242
25 Classic City Crush ^ 278
271) Miami County Blitz v 255
272) Indiana Titans ^ 298
342) Great Lakes Wolfpack v 339
384) Indiana Rage ^ 386
400) Lake County Steelers v 395
407) East Central Wolverines ^ 408
of 411

Last Updated 9/04/2009

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

Indianapolis Tornadoes is now 26 and the bcats are now 22 is that going to make the cats #2 in state when they beat up on the never give up team east central wolverines?

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

No, the Tornados should still be #1. Neither the Generals or the Bearcats have played anyone like the Nashville Storm this season. Loosing to them should not effect their "State" ranking in my book.

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

bearcats are still 22, tornadoes fell to 26 and generals went up to 11. i beleive next closest team is cutters at 55

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

ImO...Bearcats, at the end of our season, should play the Tornadoes "for that #1 spot...luda!"

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

bearcats wouldnt stand a chance againts generals much less tornadoes. bet that

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

hey Rankings, since your so big of a puss, why don't you post your name? I'm posting mine... Why is it Cutters and Generals are the best in Indiana? Why is that? Obviously there is only one way to find out who is the best and your bull shit talk can be placed on the field. The rankings sure show who is who and the whole IFL/MFL bull is getting old. Rankings prove everything is great to see the generals beat up on the cutters. Quit the excuses, if your so good at what you do- join the nfl

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

There was a preseason game schedule between the Bearcats & Generals. The Bearcats had a weeding on that date so they could not make the game. The game was set for June 6th. I know that the Bearcats did play a game on that date, I think the old Kentuky Punishers. I dont know what happend that allowed them to have a game on that date with them but not with us.
I dont speak for the Generals but I think it would be a hell of a game. I just dont think it will happen THIS year. So we should set it up for next year for sure. Best of luck to the Bearcats on the quest for their first MFL championship.

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

The date in question was the 13th, not the 6th. I spoke with JT directly about it back in April and May. We had the Raptors scheduled on the 6th long before we got in contact with the Generals. The 13th didn't work out because nearly half our squad would have been unable to attend.

We also had a game scheduled with the Tornadoes on June 20th that didn't pan out either because they were only able to get the Silverbacks on that date.

Trust me, we will be receptive to ANY possible matchup after the conclusion of our MFL season.

Until that time, any discussion with anyone other than myself or Jake Neumann about the Bearcats in any game other than MFL league play is unofficial and unreliable.

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Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

Well I've went most of the season without issue and now one team thinks they deserve top billing. Well let me dispute that claim.

There is no question in my mind that the tornadoes are in a different class than the rest of the state. They are as close to being a true single A professional team if there were such a thing. Need less to say they are still call semi-pro football and belong on our site. It would be a big mistake to leave this team out.

Now the generals have top spot this week due one thing and one thing only. They are Undefeated though both preseason and regular season, and expected to finish undefeated for the year.

The tornadoes are most likely the team that can beat any team in the state at anytime and "truly" the top team in the state, but their lost last weekend allowed me to award and recognize the Generals on their accomplishments.

The bearcats want to take stock in that claim as top team in the state. NO WAY. Here is why. Your not undefeated for the year. You lost a preseason game to a better team. I know I've read the post on how it was a "pre-season game" and we "experimented" with our roster". well pre-season games are all I have to compare apples to oranges.

Why are the bearcats in front of a better cutters team? The cutters lost a game in their regular season. The bearcats have not. The cutters also take a no pre-season games stance, and this is also why 8-1 (bearcats) is over a 6-1 (cutters) team.
Now to argue for the cutters, they have larger points of victory than the bearcats, but so would any team if they played three wolverine teams. If you look at the wins vs. quality teams, the bearcats have the statistical advantage, but again its apples to oranges. Playoffs will solve the battle for 3rd place.

It would be awesome to see a IFL vs MFL championship game, and I have been asked to host the event. I would love to, but I don't have the funds to host such an event. The ads on my site barely pay for the .com registration fee of $10.

OH and in the words of Mr. Cookie. if you don't like these rankings - start your own website.

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09

I also want to make clear the difference between the BCS rankings and my State Rankings.

We have no affiliation to the BCS rankings. That is ran by the owner of the GMFL. It is statically driven. Each week I purge the list off his site down to the Indiana teams only par the Jay Co Panthers, (serving out their suspension for pulling what they did) Next year, as I have already said, I will include the fringe OHIO and MICHIGAN teams that are a part of the MFL and IFL "Indiana" leagues.

My rankings are not statically driven, and contain more flex for the "other" parts of the rankings.

Why do I stay anonymous? The same reason SupaFan does. I don't want to hurt any teams i may have been a part of in the past, that i may be a part of now, or that i maybe a part of in the future. I stay neutral and being anonymous is the correct way of achieving that goal.

I do hope many people find my site helpful, insightful, and fun. Too many times I would read about a team in Indiana and ask myself Who? Hopefully this site has raised awareness of Semi-Pro football in Indiana, allow all teams equal opportunity to be seen, and allow the players and fans of semi-pro football in Indiana to have a better understanding of the dynamics of our sport in our state.

Have a great labor day weekend ya'll.

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09


I first would like to tell you that I can appreciate the time and effort that you must put in to update your site accurately every week. I am a frequent visitor.

If you go back and read through the entire thread. I don't believe any member of our organization was jockeying for first place in any poll.

I don't want to sound petty, but I'd like to prevent my guys from getting in another heated discussion on here, much less one that they didn't have any part in to begin with.

To all involved:

Past entertainment purposes, rankings don't mean a whole lot. It's a general measure of ABOUT how good your team is. No system, mathematical or otherwise, is going to be perfect. If you think your team should be higher in the rankings in any poll, the only thing you can do is keep winning ball games.

The only way to see if you can beat a team is to play them. There will be plenty of time for that discussion after the MFL/IFL/NAFL seasons are over.

Re: BCS Rankings 9/4/09


Great Post, I agree with your words 100%.

I would like to see your site be the title sponsor for an invite deal to teams after everything is done. You make the rules we play under and assign the officials, teams show up and pay a fee for playing. Let's see who will, show.......

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