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Let the playoffs begin

Well hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and now it time to start thinking about the playoffs.
Maybe the best way is to go right down the list starting at the
The Generals won't have any problem with the Panthers why is this team even making the long drive.
Cutters won't have any trouble with the Raiders this is another team that should save some gas money and some travel time no chance of them winning this game.
The Crush will lose to the Mustangs
The Wolfpack will embarass the Shamrock in fact I look for the Wolfpack to be in the championship game they will beat the rock by 20 points
Everything looks pretty cut and dried and the 19th is going to be one big weekend folks but trust me nobody stops the cutters from this point on this year

Re: Let the playoffs begin

I too am ready for the playoffs to begin. However, is it really necessary for us to bash teams that fought hard through tough seasons, but still brought classy football with them. Some of us could learn a little bit from these teams about dedication and sportsmanship. They certainly don't need to be bashed on this board. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs! GO PACK!!!!

Brian Clawson
Noble County Wolfpack

Re: Let the playoffs begin

i wish the best of luck to every team this comming weekend and i am goin to say that the rock and pack game is goin to be the game to watch two good teams goin to battle rock commin off of a couple of really bad games i think that we are goin to regroup and make it a great game so good luck to both teams