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Miami Valley Warriors Transition Statement

The Miami Valley Warriors are going through transition. As mentioned to many of the players and to many outside of the organization, there have been some major changes. This statement will be the only one made on the public message boards. Any questions can be directed to any of the Board Members listed below.

The Warriors have been a board-ran organization for the past few years. This role was expanded a year ago when the Board voted (unanimously) and agreed to incorporate. This move was to 1) protect any one individual from personal, legal, or financial liability or responsibility and to 2) allow us to continue to grow the organization and expand our abilities to become more involved in communities, charities, and worth-while causes.

Recently, the Board of Directors voted to remove Greg Agee from the head coaching position. This move was in an effort to maintain a high caliber of talent on the team as well as to help the organization move closer to become a championship caliber football team. This vote was supported by ALL of the Board Members at the time. Upon realizing that this move would require the removal of a friend, Tim Ross (treasurer and defensive coordinator) decided to go against the Board’s decision. Tim controls the bank account (as treasurer - he had originally opened it before the Board was formed) and decided to never file the articles of incorporation – unbeknownst to the Board of Directors until a month ago (9 months after they were said to have been filed with the State of Ohio).

That brings us to today, September 9, 2009. The Board of Directors have voted to slightly alter the name of the organization to the “Ohio Valley Warriors.” The major factor in this decision was to avoid any confusion as we move forward. Former Head Coach Greg Agee always has handled the website, and all indications point to the fact that he refuses to recognize the Board and their decision. Let us be clear that we are not starting a new team. The Board of Directors have been the driving force behind this organization (both financially and from an operations standpoint) for the last 2 seasons. This team was in debt when the Board took over operations and has been able to become debt free in that short period of time. Moving forward, that governing body will remain intact and continue work with our great group of players and supporters to do the things that have allowed this organization to be successful. The Board of Directors have received confirmation that the Ohio Valley Warriors will play in the same venue in 2010 that we played in during the 2009 season – Miami Valley South Stadium (Bellbrook High School). This team will continue to wear the same uniforms, use the same mascot/logo, and continue to build on the tradition of the Warrior name. A new website will be launched this week to enable constant communication as well as visibility and we have already began recruiting new talent as well as received commitments from veteran players as we move forward as an organization. The Board of Directors have begun a search for a new Head Coach, and will include veterans of the organization in this process.

Thanks to ALL of the leaders from other teams that have supported this move. Also, thanks to Lurae Benzio and Danial Marshall for your support as we move forward. The Warriors applied to the USFA as a Board-ran organization and look forward to continuing to grow with what we feel is the best league around!

Tony Martin, Board Member; President ( ; 937-829-3939)

Brent Lewis, Board Member; VP; Off. Player Rep.; Player Recruiting ( ; 937-241-7710)

Elvin Blackmon, Board Member, Def. Player Rep. ( ; 937-830-1207)

Jim Weaver, Board Member; Advertising (

Ryan Turnley, Board Member; Marketing ( ; 513-907-6158)

Tasa Blackmon, Board Member; Lady Warriors Dance Team Coordinator ( ; 937-830-1191)

Sean Huffman, Board Member ( ; 937-301-7844)

Chris Young, Board Member; Player Recruiting ( ; 937-361-3050)