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Did the IFL Board members vote on Coach of the year?
I seen that Vince picked Coach Marsh for his coach of the year but is he the IFL coach of the year. I am in no way trying to cuase trouble Im just asking.
Now Vince what about IFL MVP? You should do a vote for IFL MVP. The top three players would be
1. QB Generals
2. RB Cutters
3. Athlete #16 Mustangs

Re: Vince

Not a problem, coach.

But to clear, I did not personally name this honor. I opened a post a while ago and let the players and coaches of both IFL/MFL make thier votes, making sure they also posted thier names/positions and reasons why.

Once the season was over and the votes were in, I tallied the finals and posted who had the most.

It was in no way to slight any efforts of any other coach, as I also mentioned I did this to honor ALL coaches and all they do for the teams and the league itself.

I can also say that I enjoyed doing it as it really allowed us to get inside a bit further into the coach and game as well.

Hope this helps a little.....