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Miami Valley Warriors are alive and well.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Miami Valley Warriors are not dead. As the owner of the Warriors, I am posting this to let everyone know that we will be fielding a team in 2010. We are very excited about the upcoming season as we move forward and continuue to be the longest running team in the Dayton area. We have players and a coaching staff in place headed by head coach Greg Agee. That said, I would like to know how the Ohio Valley Warriors can refer to themselves as the former Miami Valley Warriors if we are still here? Could someone explain that one to me? If anyone has any questions, you can reach me at

Re: Miami Valley Warriors are alive and well.

Coach Ross,
Not sure what all happened and its not any of my business but are you guys actually 2 teams now or what? I was just wondering what you guys had going on for 2010, what your plans are, where you plan on playing. I just like to keep up with the teams to see how everyone is doing. I see the Ohio Valley Warriors started up, Im guessing as a spin off.

Re: Miami Valley Warriors are alive and well.

Tim, you are asking questions that have been answered time and time again (via our "Official Transition Statement."), but we would be happy to send you another copy if you need it....

Dustin, glad to see you are back. Jay and CC are well aware of the changes that have gone on. The Ohio Valley Warriors (formerly the Miami Valley Warriors) have moved forward in a positive direction and are excited about the things to come in 2010! We are also excited for you guys, and excited that we will hopefully get the opportunity to hook up with you guys on the field. It will definately be a chance for 2 quality groups to have some fun, competing on the football field. Best of luck to you guys! I keep in touch with Jay regularly, and he is very excited as he should be!!! See you soon.

Re: Miami Valley Warriors are alive and well.

Im sure will see each other this upcoming season. As Im sure we will be in the same division. Its going to make for some really exciting football. I have heard a few things as to why this has to come to what it is. Like I said its none of by business, I just didnt know if the teams were going to try and share the same grounds or what the situation was? Seems kind of sticky. Atleast its not me dealing with

Yea the year off was much needed, it allowed me some time with the wife and school. I also have the little one due to arrive in Dec so that is going to add a little more to the situation. Im just looking forward to just being able to play and not worrying about all the other things that go on.

Re: Miami Valley Warriors are alive and well.


I can understand all of that. My Wife is due in March, so I too am looking forward to some added responsibilities.... For more info on the Warrior transition, see the official statement that was posted on all of the boards. Since the Board felt like we didn't want to wage the "war of the words" publicly (rather move forward in a positive direction), we voted to only issue 1 public statement.... However, I can tell you that only the Ohio Valley Warriors will be playing at Bellbrook HS this season.... Not sure what any other team is doing.... But, like I said, we are moving in a positive direction now and have received a ton of support from veterans, new players, and folks outside of the organization (both inside and outside of the semi-pro world).

Take care and talk to you soon.