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Calling All Generals!!

The Generals would like any former General player or coach to attend this weekend's championship game! If you are wanting to attend, please contact the team at You will get into the game free and will be announced at halftime.

It will be up to the discression of the team whether or not you get in free. They don't want guys who played one or two games. They want the guys who put in the time and effort throughout the years to make the Generals a great organization.

Re: Calling All Generals!!

Hey Troy-

Congrats to you and yours on the quality of the organization that you built from the ground up. I hope you can take some satisfaction in where the club is these days- you certainly deserve it.

I've got former teammates on both sides of this one- but I am hoping for a great game. Good luck to both teams...this kind of quality matchup is great for the IFL!

Re: Calling All Generals!!


Re: Calling All Generals!!

Hey Troy How about lettin all us ex Broncos in for free! HAHAHAHAHA

Re: Calling All Generals!!

I will see you guys tonight, good luck!!!