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2009 IFL Season

First off, I want to start by congratulating the Generals and the Cutters on making the championship. I will be there to watch. I just want to let everyone on every team this year know how much fun I have had playing this year. I love this game. I have met some really cool people, and I have talked some trash with some really fun people. Overall, I didn't get what I started out for this season as I am not playing in this weekends game, but it was a great year. I wish both teams this weekend an injury free game, I congratulate all the all stars that were selected this year, and finally I hope you all have great offseasons. May god bless.

Gross 19

Re: 2009 IFL Season

I agree, I had a blast this year! Good luck to the Generals and Cutters this Saturday!

Re: 2009 IFL Season


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