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My Two Cents - Special MFL Playoff Edition

Hey kids!

Sorry for the delay, we had to clear up some information and make sure we were going to be able to call all the games being played accurately.

The MFL first round playoffs have arrived, and quite honestly, each and every team involved truly has a shot at it if they play to thier full potential. That’s what makes this job fun, parity!

So, here goes...

Force (5-5)at Pirates (5-5)

The Pirates are just about the most dangerous team around the MFL now, as they have truly started to surge at the best possible time. They have gotten to a point where you can literally see the confidence on them building, along with health issues being taken care of and most imporatnly, results on the football field.
The defense is getting even better and better, but impressed us most was what we see with the offense - now being a large contributor in the fact.
This team is ready.
The Force are still an excellent all around club with one of the best offenses to be dealt with, the only issue has been the defense.
They are just a few players; and in this game - a few plays away from an advance to another round, as they meet the Pirates at the Cove, and the end of a good year for them to build on – next season.

The Pirates advance to round Two

Pirates 26
Force 17

Blitz (4-6) at Patriots (6-4)

I never count out the Patriots, especially when you have the talent and coaching they have. This team has the resolve that can overcome almost anything. Early in the year, after the Generals game, just about everyone was ready to give them a rosary, but they revived themselves and came out swinging. With a healthy QB, we all here think that this is still one of the top MFL teams, hands down.
The Blitz will bring a great game to town and as usual, hard hitting defense. They have also been on somewhat of a surge as of late, as they have been on the plus side of the turnover column lately and dominated last week when they played against the Force. This plays into their favor; and it appears they are set to make an ambush. They will make this one a ‘down to the wire’ event.
But with the Pat’s at home, it won’t happen this game, but they will make a great contest.

The Patriots advance to round Two

Partiots 22
Blitz 19

Cardinals (4-6) at Wildcats (7-3)

Few teams can pull off the Jekyll ‘n Hyde performance that the Cardinals have this season. A few weeks ago, we had them in or near the ‘ship, but the commitment of some players has to be questioned, because it is not the leadership - which lead to the recent no-shows and the L's that followed.
Nonetheless, they have it worked out where they are set to make the trip to Brazil this weekend.
Speaking of Brazil, this in no picnic for an opposing team at playoff time. This massive machine of a team has been playing well, and as said many times, the cards face the statistically (taken from our film stats) the best defense in the MFL, rivaled only by the Pirates and Bearcats.
Combined with a power running game and acute QB and VERY talented WR, not much can stop the advance of the W-Cats now.
Look for Landry to have success running as well and as long as they don’t turn it over, they should have smooth sailing to the next round.

The Wildcats advance to round Two -

Wildcats 30
Cards 10

Thanks kids! You know, I hate the season is even winding down. Now I'll have no use for my den laptop or reason to stay up late! (Well, they don’t show SpongeBob at 2am; do they?)

MFL heads, I could surely use your help! How we review game is this *
I will send a few reps to a game and they film –usually from various angles - so we don’t always get the best shots. But what we DO get is the players/plays but don’t always know WHO the player is.
We would LOVE to get any willing teams to send us a roster for their clubs so when we do this, we can avoid having to name a player by his number – due to at times, one player will leave a club and his jersey is given to a different player. We’d love to give you talented player the props you deserve!

I also want to thank all the host teams for all the invites to eat-drink with the clubs and invites to use the press boxes when available. I promise I will be taking many of you up on them soon and certainly the next year!

Anywho, looks like a good week of football comin up, although I don’t think mommy nature will be keeping it dry, so you air teams may have to adjust a bit.

By the way – receivers – stick’em has been outlawed some 15 years.

Ya gotta love this game!