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Good luck to all !!!

I am going to the generals and cutters tonight and hope to see great sportsmanship on both teams. I have friends on both teams and will hold them accountable for great leadership. Just remember, we are all blessed to play this game and we all have great families and friend that supports us. Play as if your grandmother was watching, she would want to see clean hard-hitting football, but keep it between the whistles. And remember when the final whistle blows and the champs have been crowned, we are all one family.

Re: Good luck to all !!!

I and a few Mustangs are heading to the game tonight too. Plus I have had contact with players from other teams who are going. The same conversation keeps repeating itself. Play it between the lines and keep it as a game and not a fight. The past is over and gone. We want to see a game that is full of good plays, hard hits, and a game all the IFL can remember. See you all there!!