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Thanks Generals (part two)

First off, Congratulations to the Cutters. You guys played a great game. I was glad to see Izzy come back in the 4th quarter he is a helluva player and needed to be in this game. To Coach Carter, Hendricks, and JT Thank You. I was so happy to get back on the field and get to stick some guys. It was a lot of fun. This was hands down the most talented Generals team ever it just sucks to come up one point short with this team, but Life goes on and now I have more time to spend with my beautiful wife and two young daughters so Life isn't so bad. That being said this was definetly my last year and I am truly proud to have been apart of this organization! Thank You Troy for giving me the opportunity to play 4 years ago. I enjoyed every second of it and met a lot of really great guys, and I also got to spend a lot of time with my brothers and my Dad doing something we all Love and it was an amazing time. Thanks Joe, John, and Dad. I can't name everyone that I have played with but I will name a few that I really had a lot of fun with and respect. Thanks JJ, CJ, June, Childress, Applebee, John Martin, Marlon, Clawson, Laws, Cupp, Levi, Rob Smith, Casey Harpold, and a much others. I'm sorry if I left anyone off I can't think right now. Anyways, the last four years were a blast and I can say even though we lost tonight I have no regrets. I played as hard as I could everytime I step on the field and had a blast doing it. Once again Thanks to everyone and take care. Generals 13 (Philip Zeunik)

Re: Thanks Generals (part two)

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