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Congrats both 'Cats

I want to say congrats to both the Wildcats and the Bearcats on making it to the 'ship. To the wildcats(Mo,Winings, Joe Vest, Huck, and the rest of y'all) represent and do your thing.
To the Bearcats...especially you Booker=) don't take a play off and bring the wood. Remeber Booker when we won back in 05 we played a black and red team(scorpions) that had beaten us twice; and then come the 'ship we flipped it on 'em and walked away with the trophy.....don't repeat it. One game away from a perfect season. Play hard and stay safe...both teams.

Re: Congrats both 'Cats

Hey Bus, where the hell were you? I was looking forward to seeing you again, if you missed it, the game was definitely not what i had liked it to be, but i guess its time the Pats let someone else be the Champs, just kidding guys i know someone is reading this and getting mouthy already. We didnt have our normal QB who mind you is 6'4" 210 with a cannon, so i took the snaps, notice that im only 5'9" 185 without a cannon. LOL, no excuses, Wildcats are a good team and should be a great third game between the two Cats. Anyway congrats to both teams and let them remember, this game is the last of the season so leave it all out there on the field, give it your all, leave nothing, you guys get the picture, right? Good luck to both teams, PLAY HARD and HAVE FUN!! C5 out

Re: Congrats both 'Cats

'Sup Chris? Dude I've been busy as hell. I took two years off to lift right and get my body healthy, spent a year playing rugby, and now I'm getting ready for the 2010 MFL season. I didn't make it out to the game in Brazil, but I did get to see you guys play the Pirates. It was nice of you guys to let the Wildcats win one...j/k. You playing next year? If so we'll see each other. I'm playing pretty close to you guys.