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League Meeting I will be there .

Just to inform everyone I will be attending this years gifa meeting to see all good stuff they offer.Heck it is $50 to attend if we like it we will sign.Sounds good they sent 11 guys to work out for 4 nfl teams October 17th and those guys will be listed as NFl free agents I know this to be true my younger cousin is one of them he went to the pro combine and got invite he is from Ohio.
2010 league meeting will be held at:
Steubenville Hampton Inn,
820 University Blvd.
Steubenville Oh. 43952
The meeting will begin at 12 noon prompt.
For anyone interested in renting a room for the night there will be a
group discount just mention you will be there for the Grid Iron
Football Alliance meeting. 740-996-1452
The phone number to get a room is:

Re: League Meeting I will be there .

This same GIFA that promised 4 teams, within 4 hours of travel and didn't deliver, the same GIFA that had 5 participating teams last year after 3 dropped. The same GIFA that the 5 remaining teams tried to pull from and they threatened by a lawsuit for not playing in their league.

NO THANKYOU. Please do your self a favor and avoid this league. 90% of the things they promised never happened and its a scam.

Read this post from June if you need more proof.

Re: League Meeting I will be there .

This has obviously been posted by one of the people in charge of that league. Same broken English as some of the original posts from last year.

Look, team owners are going to do what they want to do. If someone is truly interested in going to the GIFA, that's their choice. However, I would recommend they check into the issues that happened last season and talk to those team owners who had bad experiences to get the full story. As I said last year, very few people ever move up from this level and giving players hope of that is irresponsible.

If you're claiming the GIFA sent 11 players to 4 teams, name the players and teams. That information would be verified easily enough. I'm sure that question will be sidestepped in your response, though. The whole thing is shady and has been from the beginning.

As far as owners not wanting players to move up, nothing could be further from the truth. If a player had a chance (a REAL chance, not the one the GIFA claims) to play for a team in the NFL, an arena team or whatever, I don't know of a single owner who would stand in that player's way. We all live in the real world though and we know that the chances of that are slim to none and the GIFA is the one doing a disservice to that player by giving him false hopes.

Re: League Meeting I will be there .

Interesting. One post disappeared.