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MFL Title Prediction (Post Details Here, Not Below)

Well, gang, the last featured game of the season is upon us. The Midwest Football League Championship will be played on Saturday night down in Evansville, and yet another trophy will be handed out. Let's dispense with the nostalgia and get to it.

West Central Wildcats @ Ohio River Bearcats

Let's be clear: these are two very good football teams. The WCW have been- even with small numbers and injuries over the past years- the most consistently solid team in the league. The Brazillians have fielded the best defense in the league this year and have more big play ability than at any time in the club's history. It's clear that this is, as I have said before, the best WCW team ever to take the field. The Bearcats, on the other hand, have not realized their potential this season. The team has failed in most cases to meet its defensive goals and has often failed to be efficient offensively. All of this is true AND the Bearcats have been hands down the most dominating team in the league. The Bearcats have completely subordinated the MFL and have yet to even play 4 solid quarters of football. For the Bearcats, this title game MUST be about execution, because, while it may difficult for the WCW to hear, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The most important question for the future of the Bearcats is HOW they win on Saturday. It's not easy to win the sweepstakes for the Evansville area talent pool year in and year out, and if the Bearcats are to remain the standard-bearers, they must close the deal with precision, grace, and with certainty. Big changes are rumored across the region for next season, and you can count on both of these teams making noise in 2010, but this night belongs to the Bearcats.

Bearcats 31
Wildcats 6

Make some memories and make your mommas proud!

Re: MFL Title Prediction (Post Details Here, Not Below)

who won??

Re: MFL Title Prediction (Post Details Here, Not Below)

Bearcats 25

Wildcats 22

The Ohio River Bearcats are the 2009 MFL Champions.

More details to follow soon....

Re: MFL Title Prediction (Post Details Here, Not Below)

Congrats, you guys deserve it.

Re: MFL Title Prediction (Post Details Here, Not Below)

Thank you!! This was a very long and amazing season.

Re: MFL Title Prediction (Post Details Here, Not Below)

Congrats to the Bearcats!! Also, good job to Mike and Wildcats. What a season! Now time to heal up, rest a little (~5-10 minutes) and then get ready for 2010!!