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For all to see

I am president and co-founder of the league the person posting on our behalf stop. We handle thing in different way than to post to negative post.I do not talk about other in bad way and to correct that the numbers 12 to work out for NFL and 6 to college.
Not to bad for first year league. Nothing against anyone on here. There something bad to say about me say it to me if have question call me my personal number is 740-264-3079 Brad Valentine nothing to hide.Someone breaks contracts they are breaking law. Why not do something about it? League number is 740-996-1452 look up in the yellow pages.Players that have interest in our league feel free to call as well.

Re: For all to see

Someone breaks contracts they are breaking law, and someone who false advertises is also breaking the law. Where were your scouts? Where where those teams that were oh so close. Did those league sponsors deliver all that money you promised, and that championship game, it was on Hines Field right?

Its call consumer protection. I will call out lies when I see it.