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A Friendly Reminder

I guess it is inevitable that we'd have to address this every season at some point, but it is clear that a number of you have decided to take your posts across the line of what is appropriate.

I take no pleasure in deleting any post- my nature is to allow discussion that has any merit whatsoever- but a number of the posts over the last 48 hours in both content and tone fail that test. There is ALWAYS room here to discuss even the most contentious and controversial issues- but we demand that you do so in a manner that reflects some respect for both the subject and your audience.

If you choose to continue to post ugly language and provocations here, your IP will be banned so that you can no longer use this forum.

That is all.

Re: A Friendly Reminder

Apparently, a number of you need to revisit this post. I've banned a few IPs and will do more if necessary to return this board to a marginally respectful place to discuss things.