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Listen Up

Let me learn you something:

I keep reading these posts on here and at times I wonder if this underworld that we call "Semi Pro" football is something that is still fulfilling for some, or just another thing to be ruined by overgrown two year olds. I know I know, i'm going to break your hearts here but facts are facts, if you are honestly so talented that the world should stop spinning....this is not the place for you. Your here for a reason, whatever it may be. Your taking time away from your family for a reason you only know. You put your pads on, you break a sweat, you bleed and at times you shed tears for only you know why. You risk time off work which could put your family in economic jeopardy...for why you only know. The thing that litterally makes everyone doing this equal..WE DO IT FOR FREE, infact...MOST OF US PAY TO DO IT! Do you pay because it gives you a stage to act like somthng your not? Do you risk because it simply gives you something to bitch about? Do you potentially jeopradize everything to act like your the biggest badass to ever walk this underground? There are and have been players that didn't have half your talents that you couldn't hold a nickel to in this game. They respect this game, they understand the spirit of this game, they make a commitment for the right reasons. You really think your "cool" because your name may be known around your league, you think you have to play to try get respect and maybe have your name mentioned by one of these cats that predict games or do interviews? All your doing is creating a gap between yourself and reality. What is it going to get you? Where is it going to take you? Here is a tip, earn the respect of your teammates by following through with a commitment. Show your team you are taking these risks for them and not yourself. Take a chance and buy into what that player with the emotion and who speaks from the heart is saying. Don't be scared to let your "hardcore" act get thrown out the window or worry about what your buddy might think if you actually buy into the goals your team wants to accomplish. Do something for your community for excepting your team and giving you a venue to show that there is a place for non college and professional athletes to play and enjoy the greatest game on earth. 50 TD's won't make you president, An INT won't get you on ESPN, 1,000 yards won't get you an ESPY and acting like something your not damn sure won't get you anywhere in this underworld because there is no where to go......EXCEPT practices during the week and games on Saturday with YOUR TEAM. This world don't care who you are or what you've done in this level of football and it never will. Ask any great champion that won at this level how they did it. Not with the best talent, but with the best camaraderie. They made a commitment to each other and followed through with it. When you start bringing up things YOU have done, you make yourself and this level look like exactly what it is tooday. Grow up, Strap 'em up, Hit 'em up and PLAY FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN YOOURSELF. Then, maybe youll get it. This ain't a soap opera...this is a stage where the individuals who didn't want to give this game up come to enjoy it and be a part of a second family. Like I said, your here a for reason and we all know it ain't because your a proved that when you signed up. Enjoy it while you can....

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man I am gonna try to bump this up til season is over! couldnt have said it better! When you think about yourself before your team when speaking on here at this level you dont need to be playing. We all play this game for free because we simply love to play the best sport out there. Every single person in this league loves the game that much to go out every saturday and risk serious injury. I respect everyone in this league that puts their team first and on the field I am usually the 1st person at the pile helping opponents up. We are doing this for the love of the game. If my team loses I am thinking what I could have done better or our team could have done better to win. I just wish more organizations held their players accountable for the actions and the abuse of freedom of speech that hurts that organization.

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i'm with you guys all the way on this one. i will say that if everyone that "tries" to play at this level would take this advice, i bet every team would always be able to attract the players in their areas that still have this true passion of the GAME. the only thing left for a "semi-pro" football player to play for is the joy of winning, the bonds of brotherhood formed, and the opprtunity to play a kids game that we have loved since we were kids! just because it is semi-pro it doesn't give you the right to disrespect the game in any manner. PLAYERS NEED TO REALIZE THAT DISRESPECTING THE GAME IS DISRESPECTING EVERYONE THAT HAS COME BEFORE AND AFTER YOU THAT HAS PLAYED ON ANY LEVEL! these types really need to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves "is this really for me?". i know that i have come to gripps a long time ago that i'm not nor will i ever be an NFL player, nor will i ever play for a BCS championship. i do believe that it is fair for me to look at the IFL as "My NFL". Therefore i should respect the IFL as if it was the NFL! when you whole heartedly respect this game even on this level, you will get the respect and the attention that you truely disserve!

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Wow!!! Well stated... Unlike someones apparent beleif that i actually post on here.. i try not to, but these statements deserve some credit

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One of the greatest posts EVER! You sir, get it!! Supa, you need to keep this at the top!

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Bravo!!! Well stated. Just remember the stage we are in. If we were 'right' in the head none of us would be playing semi-pro football.

We take hot-head anger management line-man, fast cool headed receivers, hard nose RB, hyper QB's, attitude hitting LB, amazingly quick gifted defensive players, never quit defensive lineman and somewhat normal kickers to create a football team. The dynamics of the individuals and the diversity is truly amazing. The players come from all walks of life and different parts of society. They are also in different stages of life from young and dumb to old and seasoned. You have leaders and followers.

These 'players' are leaders in there homes, churches, communities, businesses, and in life. Some are just truly starting there adult life. It is hard for some of them to take a backseat and chill. The team that can get these leaders and players to execute and play as 'one voice' will win.

Bitching at, yelling at, screaming at, disrepecting, argueing, insulting, talking about, or ignoring will not get it done!!!

Positive leadership and respect for the players and the game is the key!!!!

Strength, speed, attitude, and skill all teams must have to win in semi-pro, but the team who also plays as 'one voice' gets the ring.

For the love of the game.

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honoring tradition, having respect for the other guy in the huddle with you, not being "above" what drills are being run in practice and being willing to be a "indian" and not a cheif in a new situation are important also.

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Re: Listen Up

Best thread...ever.

Good luck and good health in the upcoming games, gentlemen. You put your health on the line each Saturday for something greater than any of us. You are my heroes...

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WOW!!!!!! NO WAIT WOW BACKWARDS that was very inspirational to anyone who reads it and am a believer that if YOU LOVE SOMETHING YOU TREAT IT WITH LOVE AND RESPECT EVEN IF IT THE GAME OF FOOTBALL.

THAT MY FRIENDS is how you "go hard" on and off the field giving and showing your dedication.