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Pirates Change of Ownership

Effective immediately,

The Madison County Pirates has changed ownership. Sam Quiroga has bought the team and is now the owner of the team.

He would like to inform everyone that he fully intends for the team to finish out this season. That he will honor the commitment to all players that have paid in full for the year, however any player that is not paid in full before kickoff will be removed from the roster and will not be allowed to continue to play.

He also would like to announce that this is the last season for the Madison Co Pirates.

Any questions can be directed to Sam Quiroga.

Re: Pirates Change of Ownership

Looks like the Renegades may get an influx next year.

Re: Pirates Change of Ownership

This is bullshit! I work hard, study hard and now wont have a team to play for. Ill hang up the cleats before I try to play for any other team than the pirates. I AM A PIRATE! This is just sad what has happend this year! Retiring at 24 unless Glenn Coffee just doesnt sound right. JJ thank you for providing me a team to play for,

Re: Pirates Change of Ownership

OK Jeremy you are right it is not right. That is why at practice tonight an agreement was reached with our new owner and the pirates will be back next year. Madison county is not loosing their team we will be playing in madison county next year and enjoying it.... we are here to finish our season and most important HAVE FUN!!!!!!! We have a game saturday lets get our heads on straight and do this!!!!!!! Last home game of the year!!!!!!

Re: Pirates Change of Ownership

"Bought?!" For what? How much?

Re: Pirates Change of Ownership

I'm assuming that it means he bought the naming rights of the team. I'm guessing the name Madison County Pirates is a registered trademark. Now how you value it that's difficult to know.

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