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Dirty Laundry

Hello Gentlemen,

I wanted to take a second to step outside football and address something that I read here that, quite frankly, upset me.

I will not mention names, and as a reporter, I usually LOVE to name drop.

Including myself, there is not one of you that has not done something wrong, bad, sinful and even illegal and not paid a dime for the pleasure.

For that, I say count your blessings, your freedom and be glad you have the opportunity to redeem yourself in some way if you so choose.

However, whether your personal discretions are voiced, noticed or printed in a newspaper, even if anyone or everyone knows about them, they are still YOURS.

Yours to deal with, yours to heal from, yours to learn from.

No one else should tell you how wrong or bad you are simply because they may not (or may!) have done the same - or just not got caught yet.

No sin is worse than the other. NONE.

Please dont get caught up in saying "Yeah, I did this, but YOU did that!" as an excuse for chucking rocks of accusation at someone else.
The small loaf of bread you stole you think is a 'minor' thing?

Ask the store owner.

Can we please keep the mudslinging outside here?

My wife and I have children, I am as protective as any. In fact, moreso than most. My sons and daughter are my life. And in the heat of reaction, I could do many things to one who may hurt them.

But in the end, MY actions I must answer for and deal with.

Many of you know me and I do NOT ever try to give a negative spin on anything or anyone connected to semipro football, or anywhere else for that matter.

I am sure it has already been posted, but I will say it again for those reading.."Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

Please notice it was NOT written, "He who is without a really, really bad sin, cast the first stone."

If you don't care for that, you may (and will have to one day) take it up with a much better writer than me.

I will not report anymore on this matter.

Have a great week gentlemen.


Re: Dirty Laundry

Comparing a loaf of stolen bread to some other crimes is comparing apples to oranges. Sure, most people have commited minor crimes. Hell, I do it everyday on the interstate while I am cruising 10 miles a hour over the speed limit, the occasional rolling threw a stop sign and etc. I've even recieved tickets for those things but keep doing them since a 90 dollar ticket isnt all that harsh.

I am proud to say that I have never inflicted bodily harm to any other person (except the 60 minutes when the pads are on) nor been accused of doing any other felonious activites. But if I had, I cant think of any worse punishment than everyone around me knowing about it the rest of my life. Knowing that other peoples eyes would always be on me would make sure my nose stayed clean. Thus this is why if you look hard enough, you will find criminal records are available for the public to see.

When it comes to using the religious expressions like the stone thing, just remember, there ARE religions who beleive a eye for a eye. We are fortune to live in a country where law is what we uphold and base punishment off of.