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Move on...

I just want to put and end to something that has been weighing on me lately.

I can honestly say, Robbie Crockett may be the classiest dude that has lined up across from me this season. That entire thread that called him out on his past is an absolute shame and a disgrace to this man. Most of us do not know what this man has been through, nor should you have the right to call him out on it. Who are you to pass a judgement on a man you know nothing about? I am sure you have not been the model citizen your entire life. Everyone makes mistakes, it is how you rebound that reflects the type of person you are. Mr. Crockett showed me nothing but the utmost class and sportsmanship yesterday AFTER being threatened by an unnamed source on here to watch his knees for dirty hits. On behalf of myself and the Midwest Force, we would like to thank the BC Blaze for a hard fought game yesterday and I would personally like to extend a special thanks to #15 Robbie Crockett for his sportsmanship and class throughout the game. We wish you and your squad the best of luck from here on out.

Now can we lay this whole thing to rest? Thank you.

Chad Walters OLB #40
Midwest Force

Re: Move on...

Nobody has said anything negative about it in 3 days. It pretty much was over till you brought it up again.