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2 - top 15 teams in B.C.S.

Without stirring up any B.S. - good job on the I.F.L.'s structure this year. It has balanced the powers of the divisions and has made things overall more competitive. Congrats on having 2 - top 15 teams in the B.C.S. standings.

Indiana Generals #3
Noble County Wolfpack #15

What a championship that would be if both teams prevail! You would have the high flying Generals against the tough in-your-face Wolfpack (practically a home game at Trine University for the Wolfpack) both being 10-0 in the IFL and potentially 2 top ten teams in the nation (if they face off). That would be a first for the IFL. Congrats on both teams and all the IFL teams in the playoffs. This will be an exciting 3 weeks!!!

Re: 2 - top 15 teams in B.C.S.

Yes it will GO GENERALS