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FLA poll and news

AMERICAN FOOTBALL NEWS TODAY AAA RANKINGS FOR SUMMER SEASON LEAGUES. "TOP 40". Games played through August 28th. Minimum 4 games to qualify:

1. Nashville Storm (9-0) North American League
2. Oklahoma Thunder* (10-0) World League
3. Seattle Stallions* (11-0) Western Washington Football Alliance
4. Central Penn Piranha (7-0) Big Northeast Football Federation
5. Bellingham Bulldogs (11-0) North American League
6. Pittsburgh Pride (12-0) United States Football Assoc.
7. Virginia Vipers (8-0) Regional Atlantic League
8. Satsuma Sharks (12-0) Premier South League
9. Columbus Fire (7-0) Mid-Continental League
10.New Jersey Bucaneers (8-0) Regional Atlantic League
11.Dakota Lawdawgs (10-0) Alliance Football League11
12. Madison Mustangs* (12-0) Iron Man League
13. Detroit Seminoles (7-1) Mid Continental League
14. Buffalo Gladiators (10-0) Northeast Football Alliance
15. Lackawana Dynasty (9-0-1) United States Football Alliance
16. Western Mass Blitzin'Bears (8-0) Eastern League
17. Tennessee Hurricanes (10-0) Alliance League
18. Philadelphia Panthers (5-0) Big Northeast League
19, Baltimore Saints (7-0) Mid Atlantic League
20. Hampton Roads Hurricanes (7-0-1) North American League
21. Hinesville Hurricanes (6-0) Southeast American League
22. Rocket City Titans (12-1) Premier South League
23, Henry County Horsemen ( (9-1) United South League
24. Tennessee Crush (9-1) United South League
25. Colorado Springs Flames* (9-1) Colorado Football Conference
26. Arbutus Big Red (8-1) Mason Dixon League
27. New Jersey Lions (6-1) Big Northeast League
28. Syracuse Shock (7-1) North American League
29. Glove City Colonials (8-1) North American League
30. Plattsburg North Stars (7-1) Empire
31. Troy Fighting Irish (7-1) Northeast Football Alliance
32. Mid West Titans * (9-1) Alliance League
33. Watertown Red &Black (7-1) Empire League
34. Denver Titans* (8-2) Colorado Football Conference
35. Middleboro Cobras (7-1) New England League
36. Clinton Irish Blizzard (6-1) Eastern League
37. West Virginia Lightning (12-2) United States Football Assoc.
38. Detroit Black Ravens (12-2) United States Football Assoc.
39. Capital City Stealth (8-2) North American League
40. Indianapolis Tornadoes (7-2) North American League

Ranking for games playerd through August 4th:
There will be two separate National Championships for 1A &AA in January 2011, in Homestead, Florida.
The Lima Warriors, Champions of the Heartland League #2 have been invited to play in the AA game. The Roscoe Rush & Indiana Generals are being considered for their opponent.

1. Roscoe Rush (11-0) Mid States League(AA)
1. Kentucky Wolverines (13-1) GridIron Developmental League(1A)
2. Carolina Warriors (10-1) Gridiron Developmental League(1A)
2. Lima Warriors* (11-3) Heartland League Champions(AA)
3. Metro Detroit Wolverines (14-1) Great Midwest(1A)
4. Chippewa Valley Predators*(9-1) Northern Elite Football League(1A)
5. Carolina Cougars (8-1) Gridiron Developmental(1A)
6. Rochester Renegades (9-0-1) Grid Iron Alliance(1A)
4. Indiana Generals (9-0) Interstate League(AA)
7. Beaufort Broncos (7-0) Gridiron Developmental(1A)
8. Noble Co. Wolfpack (8-0) Interstate League(AA)
8. Hinesville Hurricanes (6-0) Southeastern American League(1A)
9. Racine Raiders (8-2) Mid States League(AA)
10.Leyden Lions (8-1) Mid States League(AA)
11 West Central Wildcats (7-1) Interstate League(AA)
9. Atlanta Chiefs (6-1-1) Southern Football League(1A)
11.Jackson Juggernauts (5-1) Southern American League(AA)
10 St.Paul Pioneers*(10-2) Northern Elite League(1A)
12 Ohio Valley Warriors* (11-4) Heartland League(AA)
13 Mid Ohio Jets* (11-3) Heartland League(AA)
14 Cleveland Cobras* (11-3) Heartland League(AA)
15.Central Ohio Spartans* (11-2) Heartland League(AA)
16 Ky/Ohio Xreme* (11-2) Heartland League(AA)
17.Indiana Patriots (5-1) Crossroads League(AA)
11.Fox Valley Forece* (9-2) Northern Elite League(1A)
12.Youngstown Steelers (8-2) Grid Iron Alliance(1A)
18.River City Eclipse (10-3) Great Midwest League(AA)
19.Detroit Diesels (8-3-1) Great Lakes Football League(AA)
20.Columbus War Eagles* (10-4) Heartland League(AA)

The Lima Warriors, Champions of the Heartland Football League (11-3), have been invited to play in the AFNT Sunshine Bowl Extravaganza of Bowl and Championship games the weekend of January 14,15 & 16,2011 in Homestead,Florida. They will be in the AA National Championship game. The Warriors started out their season with three loses, but put on a surge of eleven straight wins to capture the HFL Championship.
A opponent for the Warriors will be announced soon.

Re: FLA poll and news

Ok I have read these rankings and have seen other rankings and quite frankly I'm about as confused as one can be.
The Lima warriors are 11-3 and have been invited to play in Homestead the two teams being considered to play them each are undefeated on their season.
What formula is used to come up with who plays who and what league goes where and just how many different national Championships are there.
Nothing against the Lima team in posting this I'm such confused but I can say this a Lima Warriors vs Indiana generals game would be a good match up and I'm sure would be well attended by fans and friends and family. Does attendence have anything to do with who gets picked.

Re: FLA poll and news

Lima warriors would dust the generals.. The generals are a respectable team. But the ifl is weak

Re: FLA poll and news


Actually a great question. Seriously there is no rhyme or reason to who gets picked. Personally I think that it is the reputation of the teams/leagues. Since we have already won a national title and the Mid Ohio Jets go down to Fla. in this tournament quite frequently, that may have helped. Also the ranking structure changed here during the last week and is now split into 1A and AA. Good for the IFL teams because the league winner "should" get the invite to oppose us since the Roscoe Rush lost this past weekend.