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In case you haven't been paying attention........

Ranking for games playerd through August 4th:
There will be two separate National Championships for 1A &AA in January 2011, in Homestead, Florida.
The Lima Warriors, Champions of the Heartland League #2 have been invited to play in the AA game. The Roscoe Rush & Indiana Generals are being considered for their opponent.

1. Roscoe Rush (11-0) Mid States League(AA)
1. Kentucky Wolverines (13-1) GridIron Developmental League(1A)
2. Carolina Warriors (10-1) Gridiron Developmental League(1A)
2. Lima Warriors* (11-3) Heartland League Champions(AA)
3. Metro Detroit Wolverines (14-1) Great Midwest(1A)
4. Chippewa Valley Predators*(9-1) Northern Elite Football League(1A)
5. Carolina Cougars (8-1) Gridiron Developmental(1A)
6. Rochester Renegades (9-0-1) Grid Iron Alliance(1A)
4. Indiana Generals (9-0) Interstate League(AA)
7. Beaufort Broncos (7-0) Gridiron Developmental(1A)
8. Noble Co. Wolfpack (8-0) Interstate League(AA)
8. Hinesville Hurricanes (6-0) Southeastern American League(1A)
9. Racine Raiders (8-2) Mid States League(AA)
10.Leyden Lions (8-1) Mid States League(AA)
11 West Central Wildcats (7-1) Interstate League(AA)
9. Atlanta Chiefs (6-1-1) Southern Football League(1A)
11.Jackson Juggernauts (5-1) Southern American League(AA)
10 St.Paul Pioneers*(10-2) Northern Elite League(1A)
12 Ohio Valley Warriors* (11-4) Heartland League(AA)
13 Mid Ohio Jets* (11-3) Heartland League(AA)
14 Cleveland Cobras* (11-3) Heartland League(AA)
15.Central Ohio Spartans* (11-2) Heartland League(AA)
16 Ky/Ohio Xreme* (11-2) Heartland League(AA)
17.Indiana Patriots (5-1) Crossroads League(AA)
11.Fox Valley Forece* (9-2) Northern Elite League(1A)
12.Youngstown Steelers (8-2) Grid Iron Alliance(1A)
18.River City Eclipse (10-3) Great Midwest League(AA)
19.Detroit Diesels (8-3-1) Great Lakes Football League(AA)
20.Columbus War Eagles* (10-4) Heartland League(AA)

The Lima Warriors, Champions of the Heartland Football League (11-3), have been invited to play in the AFNT Sunshine Bowl Extravaganza of Bowl and Championship games the weekend of January 14,15 & 16,2011 in Homestead,Florida. They will be in the AA National Championship game. The Warriors started out their season with three loses, but put on a surge of eleven straight wins to capture the HFL Championship.
A opponent for the Warriors will be announced soon.

If you take a real close look at the rankings, and how they have changed, you will notice that the next two teams behind the Lima Warriors in the AA rankings happen to be the Indiana Generals and the Noble Co. Wolfpack.'s looking like the IFL champ will play us for a national title in Florida, since the Roscoe Rush lost this past weekend. Now with the way they do these polls, who knows what may happen between now and January, but I would think that logic would prevail and this matchup would take place.