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IFL Conference Championship picks

Well, well, well!! Here we are, two big games left leading to one HUGE game and although the weather is cooling, the contests are going to get hotter.
We saw the Wolfpack jump out early to dispel ANY thought of an upset and shut down the Mustang Machine, The Wildcat defense make another great performance against a hard hitting and determined Outlaws squad, The Blaze refuse to let one slip away against a very, very strong Hitmen team, and the Generals eeked out a win vs the Pirates (Who says sarcasm is not alive n well in the Vhack household?)

Thanks to all who wrote and wished my wife and youngest girl well, they are both doing fine as we speak. I will say that I do hope they never fall ill again. All the housework and cooking had me feelin a lil less football–ish.
Fortunately, my man card is laminated and buried 5 miles under the earths crust in a well fortified in no way is anyone getting it from me.

Now, enough about me and my phobic’s of my manhood, lets get to the games!

Wildcats @ Generals
IFL South Championship Game
Saturday, Ron Cali HS 7pm

It’s no mystery that The Generals are the front runner of the south and as I have said before, there are MANY reasons why.
Coaching, talent, speed, depth numbers and the fact this one is in their backyard make every attempt to unseat them very, very hard.
This game poses a little of a different atmosphere though. Yes, they are facing – on paper – the same Wildcat team they blew out weeks ago.
However, these are not your early season Wildcats. They have one thing that they have picked up over the past few weeks they had NOT before.
They are not afraid of the Generals, as many teams have been previously, and have a defense that actually is able to slow them down.
Physically, they actually pose a decent challenge to the big red machine.
The difference here is coaching.
Mike and JT are as different as they come, but both experts on what they do. But Mike had no problem grinding it out, as JT would much rather light up the scoreboard.
One of these is going to have to give, and when it does, I feel it will do so in a large scale.
If Landry is healthy, the Wildcats pose an excellent shot at pulling this off, but word came to me that he is not.
The Generals will more than likely do as they usually do, come out to be scoring fast and furious.
This puts the Wildcat D in a position where they simple have to stop them, which NO ONE has been able to do yet.
Defensively, the Generals cannot afford to let the Wildcats run the ball effectively, and if Landry plays, they MUST keep him stationary or they could find themselves in an odd position in this game, playing from behind.
But in the end, I just don’t think the Generals will succumb.
They are not overconfident, they are not overrated, and as far as our staff, they are not underrated.
Generals advance to the ship.

Generals 29
Wildcats 14

IFL North Championship
Sat. 7pm West Noble HS
Blaze at Wolfpack

This will be a good one! Last week, the Wolfpack did what many great teams do, remained focused. They won big due to that they did NOT overlook a Mustang team that came out ready to play, but just overmatched and overpowered them in the long run.
In bad weather they had a large turn out and the Blaze will expect the same this week.
What’s odd is, despite the injuries it does not slow them down, and from my seat, I could still hear Mr. Gross (Wolfpack WR) from his sideline shouting to his teammates, amongst other things (Gotta love a guy who can do so and still remain respectful as he always does!)
There is a fire in this teams eye that was not there last season and you can believe it will be there Saturday. If you get the chance, get to this one, and get there early, the seats fill quickly!
The Blaze jumped out early against the Hitmen and although had a comeback in the midst, the finished the game and advanced.
They have given the Wolfpack their biggest scare of the year, as the last contest was controlled by them for nearly 3 quarters before the Pack pulled out the win.
This also is a different Blaze team with the speed and power to overtake the Wolfpack, but don’t think that the Pack and Coach Marsh don’t know that already and addressed it this week with his troops.
This Blaze team is not scared of the Wolfpack and they will have to stop Shrock running the ball to have a shot. Something tells me they may slow him, but not stop him, and there are 10 other players, including the GREAT passing and running ability of the Wolfpack QB that has slipped the minds of many, but not our eyes or cameras.
This may be the most underrated player in the IFL and can take a hit as well.
The Stangs actually got to him several times - and he responded with 3rd down conversions and a TD pass.
The Blaze are very tough to stop once they get hot, but the key to them is to REMAIN hot all 4 quarters. When this happens, they know they are capable of not just beating, but overtaking anyone.
Yeah, I said anyone.
But the Wolfpack tunnel vision they have on the ship, the home crowd that is steadily becoming a huge helping factor is their games, and a smart coach who wants it as bad as the players add up to them not being denied what they feel is their rightful place atop the IFL.
The Pack move on.

Wolfpack 21
Blaze 17

Well, there we, you have it!
Sorry I was a lil later, the crystal ball was in the shop and needed to make sure it was fully operational before getting the picks out there. Plus, it almost was outta fuel, and since it runs on beer, it needed a full tank to get going ( OK, it’s ME that runs on beer, but I’m the one driving it anyway I need a full tank also..)

Despite the offer for pork burgers and sausages, I will be in Indy for the South game, and but awaiting my meals via mail.
But You who offered, you know who you are!
Hopefully, Troy will get me some good grub. I AM a member of Denny’s clean plate club goin’ on 36 straight years now!

Despite if your team is out of the playoffs please get out to a game and support the league you play in. It always makes us look much better with additional support and its usually a pretty good contest as well.
Plus, there always good food! If you’re like me, I’m tired of my blood struttin’ around in my body’s arteries like it owns the darn place!
(Say it with me in a Homer Simpson voice (“Mmmm, Pork burgers!”)
Don’t tell my wife, I always tell her I had the salad.
Hit and play hard this week for those remaining. As I say - this may be your last time suiting up this year or at all. How do YOU want to remember it?

See ya there!

Ya gotta love this game!


Re: IFL Conference Championship picks

"The pigs in the mail"
See you at Trine!!