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what happened to the ohio force

anyone know what exactly happened to the ohio force. did the two force teams combine or did they just go under? i realize with the ifl championship game just around the corner no one really cares but there are still a ton of possible new recruits in the northern dayton ohio area that are still itching to play some ball myself in particular

Re: what happened to the ohio force

The ohio force went under. The midwest force, however, is still going strong. If you or anyone you know is interested in playing for the midwest force next season, go to the 'JOIN' page at and send your information to us. Thanks!

Midwest Force

Re: what happened to the ohio force

I'm going to give you a little advise. If you are going to try and post anonymously, make sure you change your email address on your other posts. For example, you used this email and tried to be Force 4 on something a few weeks ago and then the real Force 4 came on several days later and said he had been without internet. Then you just posted as force 58 a little while ago refering to how you would have beat the Blaze had you not shot yourself in the foot. Good luck with your multiple personalites.