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Fall Fund Drive

Hey Folks-

As much as it's not my favorite thing to do, It's time again to pay the piper for our forum. For those of you who are relative newcomers to this place, in order to keep this forum free of adds and have all of the rich content that we've all become used to-( the link banners at the top and bottom, etc) - we've got to pay. The good news is that the rent for this joint has been dropped relatively significantly from 57 bucks for the last year to 40 bucks for the next year.

As I've done for the last 5 years, I'd just like to ask you all to throw in a couple bucks to keep the site up and rolling as it is now. You can do that by sending money via PayPal to the address below. Once we've got to 40 bucks, I'll suspend the drive and send back anything over and above the cost of operation.

Thanks to all of you who year in and year out give a bit to keep the site around.

send PayPal funds or any fund-drive related questions to:

Re: Fall Fund Drive

We have donated $20 from our ads we run on our site. Thanks Supa

Re: Fall Fund Drive

Check your email Supa!

Re: Fall Fund Drive

I am happy to report that we've hit our mark already- we even had to turn down a couple of donations, as a matter of fact. Thanks to all of you who donated. Here's to another year of ad-free messageboard happiness!

Re: Fall Fund Drive

Unfortunately, one of our donor's pledges did not come through. I'd like to humbly ask that you all consider helping with the last $20 to replace that unfulfilled pledge for this year's rent.

Again, PayPal is the way to go- send donations to thanks much for any support you can give.

Re: Fall Fund Drive

We are still $20 short. I'd appreciate it if some of you would consider throwing in a few bucks to offset the cost of the forum here. Thanks very much to all who consider supporting the forum.