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Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

Good Afternoon, SupaNation. You know what they say: better late than never. Unexpected travel demands have left me getting to my picks MUCH later than I'd like- but I never leave you without some calls- so let me get to them.

Wisconsin Wolfpack @ Indiana Mustangs

These last couple of seasons have not been good to the proud tradition of the Mustangs. The team who has consistently fielded a competitive team in a very competitive league has seen both its numbers and its talent dwindle in recent years. The team still has a solid organization and a surprisingly dedicated core in this era of discontent. In a fight for the final MCFL playoff spot, they host a struggling Wolfpack team. The home field and the very weak Wolfpack offense will be enough to get the proud franchise back to the playoffs- but all bets are off hereafter.

Mustangs 22
Wolfpack 6

Indiana Patriot @ Tri-County Raiders

These two teams are clearly among the best in the CRFL this season and have been relatively consistent in a very volatile and up and down league. The Patriot have, over the course of the season, been more consistent and more potent on both sides of the ball. The Raiders certainly made a good decision to join the league, but the Patriot are reminding them that the title is not simply theirs for the taking. Patriot roll, even on the road.

Patriot 20
Raiders 11

Miami County Blitz @ Indiana Renegades

Even with the very successful Generals and Tornados, it's clear that there is still enough talent for another quality team in the Nap. The Renegades have scored a pile of points and shown themselves to be the favorite in 2010. The Blitz have been consistent and always bring a nasty attitude with them. Their offense has not really ever gotten out of the gate, and attitude will not be enough against the might men from Indy.

Renegades 28
Blitz 12

Battle Creek Blaze vs. Indiana Generals

It seems such a cheap and overused cliche at this point, but I can think of fewer circumstances in which it more directly applies: no matter who leaves this game with more points, we are all winners when two ORGANIZATIONS like these meet in a league championship. The Blaze have been- beyond an exciting upset threat that shocked the powerful Wolfpack to meet the Generals- a real jewel in the IFL crown. The IFL were privileged to add such a quality organization to the league in 2010. The Blaze have done what great organizations do over the course of the season- they've gotten better every week. This group of young men is not the best group of athletes in the league, but they are among the best TEAMS this region has seen in a long time. The Blaze are well coached and they execute. It's not that they don't make mistakes or suffer set-backs. It's that they rise to the challenges in a way that simply sets them apart. Across the line from them this weekend will be another very impressive organization. What the Generals have done this year is to field a team with extraordinary talent and do an impressive job of DEVELOPING that talent. They've not simply been content to come out and show that they are better athletes- which they always are, but they've sought to get better every week. One can hardly imagine a team that executes so well, yet remains hungry to do better- to limit mistakes, to force more turnovers, to gather more yardage, to execute more crisply. The Generals are, in every respect, the real deal. As much as we all love a underdog story (and mind you, I correctly called a big one last week), the Generals are quite simply in a class all their own. The Blaze will bring a great game plan and limit their mistakes, but the match ups and the depth will simply be too much. Congrats to the Generals, who will capture their first title in team history.

Generals 34
Blaze 12

In victory or defeat, remember to always make your mommas proud!

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

Game was called at halftime due to the refs only bringing three plp and wanted paid for a full five man crew. They were givin 120 half of 240 because 3 • 80= 240. The raiders were up 17-0

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

That should not have happened. One thing that was made very clear this year was that it's 80 per ref. The game should not have been called. Wayne should have been contacted about this when it came up. That's why we have a league commissioner.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

The kicker to all of this is that the Raiders players offered to pay the difference ($80) to play the second half ot this game and the Patriots Coach said no way. Defence, Offence, and special teams was dominated by the Raiders. They would have won by 30+. With the Raiders at full strenght they are going to win this league. I don't know the league rules but this game better count as a win.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

I witness what you in the witness protection program. Full strength...act like we were... This isn't the post to hide behind the www

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

I know this is already posted on another thread but I know how Supa likes to have scores on the thread with his predictions so here it is.

Interstate Bowl VII

Generals 51
Blaze 14

I also wanted to congradulate the fans in attendance last night who helped raise I believe it was almost $2,300.00 for the Frantz family in helping with the medical bills for their daughter. I hope and pray she makes a full and quick recovery. My hat is off to the fans from last night.

Dave Clawson
Punter/Kicker #1
Indiana Generals

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 9/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- Not BELOW

Indiana Mustangs 39
Wisconsin 20

Mustangs @ Detroit Seminoles Round 1 MCFL Playoffs Saturday