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Pats/Raiders game

For those that don't already know, the Patriots/Raiderts game that was called at halftime because of a misunderstanding about referee pay, will be finished on October 9th. The game will start after halftime as it was left. There was a conference call between all the teams in the league and it was decided this was the most fair scenario. The league will be covering the difference in ref fees so there will be no extra cost to either team above what they would have had to pay for a 5 man crew. Our head of officials was involved in the call as well and it is a testament to the individuals involved in this league that things worked out the way they should have.

While it may not have been necessary to explain this in public, I wanted to make the point that leagues do take this type of thing seriously. This was a situation that was very unique and something that nobody ever expected to happen. So before someone comes on here and starts bashing a team or a league about a situation, I would ask that you give them a chance to address the problem and know that they really are working toward a fair solution even if it's not announced in a public forum.