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Football the right way....

To everyone that cares enough about semi-pro football to read these posts--
Let me start by saying my experience with what was left of the then Madison Co. Pirates is nothing more than watching a few embarassing halves of football towards the end of the season. Upon watching the team struggle with the basics of both offense and defense as well as noticing 11 individuals playing what should be a team game I decided to "put up or shut up" and offer my assistance to coach the team. Well, that has led me to be introduced to Jack, Brian and a few other of the remaining players who were not satisfied by how the last year ended and have been willing to put their names on the line in order to create an opportunity for other players in east-central Indiana who left last season with the same foul taste in their mouths due to the utter chaos that disintegrated the Pirates last year.
Now, as the newly appointed head coach I'm not going to make any brash predictions regarding wins or losses but I will promise that any player that is willing to put forth their honest, best effort for the good of the team (regardless of skill level, previous reputation, etc.) that you will be welcome to take part of this Revolution. I also promise that any player that attempts to make this team game all about them and their so called "skills" that you are not welcome. The cancerous, "me-first" attitudes demonstrated by teams of the past are going to have to find other teams that are willing to put up with them for the season. I understand that this may cost the Revolution some in the way of talent, but that will be more than made up for in our team preparation, and the fact that we will have 11 guys on either side of the ball playing a team concept for one another.

Re: Football the right way....

good luck coach hope to see you in November