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not sure

i am new to this site and i was wondering wht the IFL is replacing 4 teams? i feel the IFL is a great league and would love to be in it. i dont know much about the CRFL but it also looks good , but smaller. can you inform me why 4 teams left the IFL

Re: not sure

The outlaws combine with another team and left the league for a different league. The Raiders left the league for the CRFL. The Pirates Folded and the Shamrock is falling apart, they gonna try to field a team but wont happen. CRFL could be a good league if it had better leadership

Re: not sure

I want everyone to listen & listen closely...

The Elkhart Shamrock are not going anywhere. I am in Indianapolis at Riley's & Methadist Hospital with my sick daughter & have been here since Aug. 12th. Once I get back in town everything will be back on track & full go. The Shamrock are losing a few players but that doesn't mean anything at all. Every year people choose to leave for their own reasons & every year we rebuild & play football without them. So for those of you that think they know what is going on with the Rock, think again. The Rock shall & will remain.

When you really think about the big picture, I think the Shamrock held together fairly well upon my absence. How many other teams could have gone through all the adversity that the Rock has gone through the last few years & survive? Before you go spreading that the Rock is done & over, maybe you should have a conversation with the ones in charge to get your facts straight first. If anyone wishes to hear it right from me, then all you have to do is give me a call. Coming from the horses mouth, THE ELKHART SHAMROCK is gearing up for the 2011 season in the I.F.L.

Mitchell Frantz
Shamrock #3

(574) 215-4976

Re: not sure

Exactly what is wrong with leadership of the CRFL? As usual, someone without a name comments on something they know nothing about. Do tell. I have only been there for every meeting so far, but if you have any insight regarding our methods, please come forward.

Re: not sure

Dont take it personally. You have been around long enough to know that even IF we are able to everything perfectly, there will still be someone who wants to talk about us and the way we do things. Every anonymous JACKASS has something to say about how they feel if they think things have gone wrong, but can offer no insight or guidance as to how to fix things or make them better.
We had our wins this season, as well as our opportunities, it's how we use those things that will determine our future.
I personally feel we have built a solid base on which we can continue to grow and become better. I'm sure there are those who feel differently. So be it.
If we can keep the majority of our teams and pick up new ones in the process and continue to build on what we are doing, the CRFL will be just fine for many years to come.

Re: not sure

I have not heard you say much about your daughter lately.. i hope she is doing better and getting well..