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CRFL Keys to the Game

Thought it would be a little fun to type out what I think are the keys to this week's game:

Visiting Indiana Patriots:

Emotions will be high for the home team, with their first ever trip to a finals game, but for the Patriots they have been here before. The key for a Patriots win is to ride out the 1st quarter and get two scores up on the Renegades and take advantage of their emotions. There is no doubt the Renegades play with passion and emotion and this has helped them to get to this point, but such play has a nasty other side that has plagued the Renegades players on other teams in the past.

Traveling may lose a few players for the Patriots, but I expect that will be the only home field advantage they lose.

Host Team Indy Renegades:

Mistake free football is what will give Indy Renegades the best chance to win this game. Their influx of talent and numbers have turned this team from 1-4 to 5-1 team. At the end of the season, they have become the biggest and strongest team in the CRFL. It’s when they start making mistakes and begin pointing fingers which is the weakness of this team.

I expect them to have a good size crowd on hand which will be the biggest home field advantage for the Indy Renegades.


10 day forecast calls for rain starting Saturday till next Wednesday. As most 10 day forecast are a day off, I expect it to be a wet finish to the driest football season we seen in many years.

The running game will become the focus of this game, and the Renegades have a hand full of running backs that can turn nothing into something. However, it will be up to the trenches to get the job done, and doc and the boys have the advantage up front.

I expect the game will be a short one with a lot of clock ran off due to the running game, so every score will count, kicking game included. I am going with the Patriots 26 over the Renegades 18.