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The Month of November in Ohio

Busy month for the Force in November.

November 6th we will be having a Madden 11 tournament at Frickers (Party Room) in Troy starting at Noon. We will be playing on the BIG SCREENS and entry fee is $15. Cash prizes will be handed out for the winners.

November 13th the Force head to Muncie In., and take part in the Turkey Bowl. This is an ideal opportunity for "new" players to come out and show our coaching staff what they have and what needs to improve for next season.

Finally on November 20th just in time before Thanksgiving we will be having our first players meeting at Wingers in Sidney, Ohio. Wingers is located on 2881 Michigan St and this is a manditory meeting for all returning and new prospected players.

Look forward to seeing everyone out there and of course if you haven't seen it yet please stop by and check out the new website

As Coach Travis says "FEEL THE FORCE!"

Tyler Peckham
Midwest Force President

Re: The Month of November in Ohio

Force, i have a small question,how do you feel the upstart of 3 teams, and the return of 2-3 teams, within 50 miles of the Force, will effect your team. also does the Force intend to stay in the IFL or seek alternate options.

Re: The Month of November in Ohio

We have all of our returning players and have several new recruits practicing with us for the Turkey Bowl in Muncie.

As for the other teams. The Crush is a team created by a former player only because it was a hour and half drive for him to come up to games and practice. Any owner wants this kind of commitment but you have to understand his reasoning. The Vipers on the Grid Iron League, I have tried to contact the owner to meet and discuss our futures but he has failed to either return a call or respond to an email, I wish them the best of luck but the area he is trying to draw is an extremely poor and rural area. We have always opened our doors to any ideas or propositions I'd still like to see both Force team combine and possible a third team. My door is always open for any new ideas or thoughts.

We are in the IFL and will stay in the IFL unless something drastic happens. We feel that our record could have been much better but we shot ourselves in the foot too many times last season and I think any team we played last year knows and feels that we have the talent to run with almost any IFL team.

Tyler Peckham
Midwest Force President

Re: The Month of November in Ohio

To "hopefully no impact,"

I appreciate your attention and question to the Midwest Force, they are valued questions/statements. The one thing that drives the Force more than other local teams around our area is our open door policy and our classy administration. Like every competitor, it is imparative that we seek to be the best at what we do, and for us that's putting a quality football team on the field and having a great service organization off the field. With that being said, I wish all other local semi pro football teams good luck, and we welcome you in the world of semi pro football and welcome back those that have not been with us for a while.

We encourage any and all questions about our organization and/or our football team to be conveyed directly to us via email, and not through a message board. If those local teams would like to sit down and discuss possible scrimmages, community service projects, or the ideologies behind the Midwest Force, we welcome any and all comments to be relative to the nature of semi pro football, and once again sent through an email.

Charles Begley