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Minor League Football Hall of Fame

I want to say CONGRATS to our very own and my really good friend of mine Don Gambrel for being inducted into the Minor League Football Hall of Fame Class Of 2010.

Douglas Banks,Coach

Dustin Benedict,Athlete

Jim Cunningham,Coach

Jim Davis,Coach

Kevin Dotson,Coach

Don Gambrel,Athlete

Marcellus Greene,Athlete

Ricky Jenkins,Athlete

Ralph Jones,Athlete

Marlin Kelley,Athlete

Dan Mcmunn,

Mark Meadows,Executive

Roman Morris,Athlete

Dan Peters,Athlete

Tom Porr,Athlete

Ed Rycroft,Coach

Tony Softli,Coach

Reggie Stover,

Andy Wagenheim,Trainer

Frederick Washington,Coach

Robert Williams,Coach

Great Job Coach
Dennis Morris
Long Snapper
Minor League Football News Hall Of Fame "Class Of 2009"
AFA Hall Of Fame "Class of 2010"

Re: Minor League Football Hall of Fame

congrats gamby

Re: Minor League Football Hall of Fame

I would like to say congrats to Gambrel as well. It is a true honor to be recognized by your peers for such an achievment.

Dennis, can you give me call, my phone took a dump and I couldn't get your contact info off of it.
Coach Don, can you hit me up too?
Thanks fellas