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the new Indiana Ohio Football League

I would like to announce a new football league for the Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Western Ohio area called the Indiana Ohio Football League (IOFL)

This new league is an attempt to give teams in the area another choice when looking for a league to associate with. The idea for this league has been building the past few years as more and more teams have become frustrated with only having two options when it came to local leagues, and for good reason. Over the past decade, a hand full of people have ran the two leagues in our area, very seldom changing their approach to what a Semi-Pro League should be. Both the Interstate Football League and Crossroads Football League (formally the Midwest Football League) have had many successful years in par to those teams that have stayed members of their associated leagues, and being a team owner in both, I have seen the many aspects of both and I respect what they have done. What I also see is that each league is incomplete in certain areas of their performance.

The Indiana Ohio Football League will bring together the best of one league, with the approach of the other and incorporate aspects that leagues outside of the Midwest have done for years. This league will have a new approach to Adult Amateur Football (also called Semi-Pro) by focusing on four key elements. Small Teams, Short Travel, Fair Rosters, Open Business. In short, 45 man roster limits, 35 man gameday dress limits, travel limited to 4 hours, no more loading your roster up for the playoffs, and registering the league as a non-profit and run it openly by posting online from rosters & rules to finances & meeting summaries to keep the league and its member teams accountable. I also have a new head of officials that has proposed a new system of hiring refs for league games, not hiring back refs that year after year fail to meet even the simplest of expectations. This will be a new league with some new teams, new people, and a new approach.

I have been in contact with 7 teams of which 5 have committed. We will have our first teleconference meeting Dec 4th for all prospective teams to establish league leadership and begin outlining in greater detail the leagues bylaws and rules, all of which will be voted upon by the league.

For more details and more information on our new approach to a Adult Amateur Football League, please download our PDF Brochure. I will have a website that will go into greater detail on the proposal for this new league by the end of the weekend.

If your team is interested in being a charter member of this new league, please contact me at . If you would like to call , please leave a message at 317-426-6433 and I will return your call within 24 hrs.

Its time to stop being bigger, better, and the next stop before the pro level , and get back to playing this game to have fun, they way things were when adult amatrue football began in this region.

John Jackson

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Download More Information Here.

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Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Is there a website yet?

Why not try to fix The CRFL?

Any responses from Wolf or CRFL teams?

I agree with roster limits and the fact that there is a need for smaller teams league but why not just fix what is wrong with the CRFL

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Relly john jackass trying to run a league. You could not even run a team let alone a league. Any team that joins this league is set up for failure.

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

mr info - how about some more info like you name and I will respond to your question.

and for the other post - seeing how you started your post and the time of day it was posted, I'd venture your are probably the reason why I walked away from the pirates team and most likely one of the reasons it failed.

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Can we just play football without people running their mouths???

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

John I'd love to give my name but I havent said anything negative just had a few questions. Wish the league the best of luck and hope the iofl can get some strong and well established teams

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Wow he could't run a team what makes us think he can run a league? I guess the Rev will be the first team in the league. maybe he can spend the leagues money on his bills JJ why dont you just go away and take your Indiana Semi pro football with you.!!! ya and I am not posting my name because I can you ruined a Great team name now your want guys to trust you with a league?? R U KRAZY

Check out my site it PWNS!!!

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Being that I stepped down at the end of the season as secretary of the CRFL, I'm no longer affiliated with the league but since I was there from the beginning I will comment. Incidentally, my decision was not based upon anything wrong with the league, but because of the fact that I don't want to help run a team or a league anymore.

Admittedly, John and I have had our differences in the past and there has been some bad blood. However, I have always felt that he has done what he thought was right in the interest of his team. When the Renegades wanted to be in the CRFL he was the first person I called even though we really had not been getting along. I wanted to get his side of the story on what happened with their split from the Pirates. I did not take either side, but I felt it was only fair. I do not know what happened with the Pirates this year. I have heard things from ex-players, but I have not asked John and don't intend to. It isn't my business. Right or wrong, I know that he thought he was doing what was best.

I believe that's what he is doing with this league now. He is doing what he thinks is best for the smaller teams. John, I do applaud you for that, but I would ask you to consider that the CRFL is already doing that very thing. You and I spoke on the phone about the roster limits you are proposing. We surely made some mistakes this year but, unlike the MFL, the league is learning from its mistakes and improving things. We've only played for one season and I doubt there's been any league that didn't have issues in its first season.

The bottom line is that if someone wants to start a league, it's their business. All I can say is good luck with it.

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Bill, thanks for the support. You didn't finish the part about that you asked me about the Renegades and I said, while it is clear that I have issues with a few of their players, that they deserve the same right I had in starting a team. That they too would then learn everything it takes to start a team, and keep it running. And really Bill, every one deserves that right, even the asshole above. Maybe he would then learn too, but he won't Bill because it is too easy for him to sit on the couch, play ps3 and point fingers.

Anyways , ya we had our disagreements in the past, but after this past year, I have a lot more respect for you and what you went though and even a month ago at that cookout we had no problem talking and sharing stories. Look forward to seeing you on the field next year, this time on our side of the ball

Re: the new Indiana Ohio Football League

Actually, what I was trying to say is that the CRFL is working toward doing exactly what you are proposing. I support them in what they are doing. I do know you are doing what you think is best. I just think that the CRFL deserves a chance to get the issues worked out. I do wish you the best of luck.