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Sports Legacy Institute

Hello everyone. My name is Dennis Morris. I played Semi-Pro Football for 7 years and I am a 2 time Hall Of Famer (Minor League Football News Hall Of Fame "Class Of 2009" and American Football Association Hall Of Fame "Class of 2010"). I just want to let everyone know about a websites that I came across. It is for the Sports Legacy Institute. The websites are and Thay do alot of research and studys of Concussion. It is a great site to look at. In the press part of the page has some video's. Thay have been on HBO'S Real Sports, CNN and 60 Minutes along with others. It is a great website. As a former Semi-Pro Football player that had 6 Concussions in 3 years from football and 8 Concussions in my life time. It opened my eye's to the matter that I didnt know about. I am hoping that the Leagues and Teams take the Concussion Crisis seriously and put the players safety first. I know I am donate my Brain when I pass to the CSTE (Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy) at Boston University School of Medicine, of which Sports Legacy Institute is the nonprofit partner. So thay can continue with there research and try to make the sport of football more safer for the youth coming up with football.

Dennis Morris
Long Snapper
Minor League Football News Hall Of Fame "Class Of 2009"
AFA Hall Of Fame "Class of 2010"