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Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

The Indiana Ohio Football League meet this past weekend and would like to announce its member teams:

Champaign County Stallions
Miami Co Vipers
Michiana Warriors
Ohio Crush

While we are actively working with the Crossroads Football League considering a merger, the IOFL member teams stand united around the principles of which we organized under - Small Teams, Short Travel, Fair Rosters, Open Business.

There will be more information forthcoming before the end of the year.


John Jackson

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

Good job JJ, regardless of all the backlash, a merger would b a beautiful thing.

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

I'm hoping this goes well for JJ and the IOFL, my concern is this: The Ohio Crush is a NEW team with little or no sense of urgency, or leadership for that matter. I wish them the best and hope they can compete with the other Dayton area teams. The Miami County Vipers have a few good athletes mainly tailback, 1 WR, and a decent QB if he doesn't give up what he is going to do based on his stance. Plus, last time I heard the Vipers do not currently have any place to play. The Revolution looks legit with Mr.Spradlin busting his hump to put together a great squad, hopefully too many do not end up as Renegades. The C.C. Stallions seem to have some great young leadership and some good athletes that love the game of football, however, they are young and still wet behind the ears.

A merger with the CRFL would be IDEAL and be in best interest for all communties as well, I hope JJ and Wolf can get this hammered out.

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

Thank you C-note - and for the comment by Mr Start:

When you build a league focused on small teams you will have to accept some risk in having teams come and go. I have been upfront about this asking the member teams to remain flexible especially as we go through the season. It is only December and there are many months to still get together a team. Some of the best teams in the area were once too small, too young, or just a few players short a year, and yet they have developed into annual teams of 30 or more players. We look forward to the coming year a for the chance to continue playing some football.

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced


I apologize if I came off offensive. The eastern Indiana and western Ohio area should be thankful for a league like this, no doubt. Especially real football players! Regardless if you have 11 guys or 111 guys, you want a league to be fair, and that is what it seems like you're doing. I applaud your efforts for sure. As far as your website goes, when do you think you will have the guidelines of your league posted? (i.e. which universal rules are you going to use on the field; high school, college, pro, or the dreaded mix of the three) And who your head of officiating will be? I'm just being curious that's all.

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

I find it hard to follow anything that John Jackson does. Twice he has failed to lead a team (D.C. Chargers & M.C. Pirates). You say this league is about fun, but how can you have fun if your on of the 10 guys who do not dress on game day. I know you do have some good idea's but you let your ego get in the way to much. You know NOTHING about football. You got a few teams to buy into what your selling and think you can hold that over the CRFL's head. For all you new teams you should really check into who your following before you follow him.

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

I took no offense in your post. You are talking about two sets of documents 1) bylaws and 2) adapted rules.

Both at this point have not been created but once they do, they will be posted on the website.

A head of officials has stepped forward along with some great ideas on how to run the crew selection, scheduling, and payment much more efficiently.

As far as rules go, because we hire high school refs, staying as close to the NHSA rules as possible is the preferred route to go. If there are modifications, which there will be, we would keep them to a handful. Last year I don't think there was a single ref in the IFL that knew the 4 pages of modifications that were passed by the league board. Each week you didn't know what rules you were going to play with.

The team roster issues have also been addressed and a compromise was reached, one of which calls for a maximum roster of 40 players, no game day roster.

All of these issues have been addressed though multiple conversations with the Crossroads Football League Commissioner and League President if a merger indeeds takes place.

If you have any other questions, please contact me via my e-mail or phone number, previously posted on this site.

John Jackson

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

Where are the Ohio Crush based out of and what field will they be using? Also who is in charge of/coaching this team? This is the first I have heard of them.

Re: Indiana Ohio Football League Member Teams Announced

Ohio Crush is a team outta the New Carlise area (northwest Dayton)

Owner Brad Bower and he broke off of the Midwest Force to start a team closer to home