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Chicago Wolverines Jump into The GDFL !!!!

We are The Chicago Wolverines Minor League Football Team, a pending non-profit organization with the State of Illinois.

The Chicago Wolverines was founded on the Southeast side of Chicago, IL. Our team consists of young adults ages 18 and older from various backgrounds. We encourage local adult athletes to continue to play organized football at a competitive level after high school and/or college. They take the positive structure of teamwork and discipline that playing football inspires and apply it to their everyday lives.

In 2011, we are entering our 7th season. We are members of the Gridiron Developmental Football League. We were previously members of the North American Football League (NAFL) for 3 years.

Re: Chicago Wolverines Jump into The GDFL !!!!

good move this is the a hot league to get in .we hope will can play ur team ...good luck....