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AFG Football Combine

I know we have all heard it before, that "Combine xyz" is different and better and we came to find out that it was just another money grab.

However, American Football Group Inc., has worked very hard to make our combine successful to players wishing a true shot of making it to the Pros.
[blockquote]We have partnered with Real Teams seeking players to fill their roster.

We will provide Written Feedback to players not selected so they can work on those areas needing improvement.

We have partnered the with one of the Country's Best Pro Athletic Trainer Beau Lotz to give additional training to those needing it. In addition he will conduct the initial warm up for the combine

We will Post The Results of all those attending our Combine online (if they wish) so that scouts will have free access to review the talent.[/blockquote]

If you are a player or know players that has the skills make it to the Pros. Make sure they attend the below Combine on January 29, 2011 Atlanta, GA @ 10:00AM


Football Is Our Middle Name

No Gimmicks We Are Just Real People Trying To Help Real Athletes

AFG Combine Video

Re: AFG Football Combine

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