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Hall of Fame?

@ Gambrel

Originally Posted by Mirror
@ Gambrel- your w/l record has everything to do with your comments. Are you serious? Who wants to take advice from a guy whose team never wins more than 1 game a season?

BTW the MSFL also has the Bucs the Hawks the Cowboys too.

again...point in who is in the MSFL...but in regards to my record, I have been involved with football longer than the Steelers are around. I came aboard to try change the Steelers around....
I have won 2 League Championships
2 National Championships
1 National Bowl game
and several other alacades.....
I was elected to th3 Minor League Hall of fame this year and I really dont think it has to do with my time as a Steeler (2 playing seasons -2 coaching seasons)
Mr Mirror, I am not trying to pick a agrument as I am one of the few guys that go around doing what I can to support Minor League (trust me, there are haters out there....go to wikikpedia and you will see that there is a person trying to eliminate all semipro Wiki pages)

I was a big fan of the NAFL when it was in its prime.
Unfortuante travel became a huge issue...
What I found disappointing in the NAFL was it accepted any team with out checking on their history
come game time a certain team had to forfiet games and yet at the end of the season was allowed to play in a NAFL 2 Championship game....this is a team that is now in this league....

Now I understand that this isnt the NAFL....and I again wish the league success....a League like this is working on a true National Champion or a Close resemblance.....
I myself will always believe that there should be multiple champions just like in the NCAA due to the fact that we are I, II and III style of football.
but what I have understood that this league is lumping them all together....

3 Hall of Fame inductions? All that stuff is for "entertainment purposes". LC Steelers Coach Bob Crowder is in the Hall of Fame and has never had a winning season so how legit are these HALLS?

You were a member and a part owner of the Steelers when you left your own team to join the Titans. When they couldn't win, you joined the Thunder and won with them. Now you speak like you are an authority of minor pro football. You have done some good things for minor pro and been on some winning teams but you should be more respectful of the efforts of others.

Re: Hall of Fame?

Mirror...With the Knowledge that you have, I would have to take a guess that you know me personnally or know a little bit about the MSFL but regardless it is what it is...

As for what the Hall of Fame is or represents, Im sorry that you feel its not all that, because I feel very fortunate to have been selected. I also feel honored to have been selected in 2 of the 3 hall of fames in my first year of elgiblity....If it is for Entertainment purposes, so be it, but the Members of the Hall of Fame are some Great Coaches and Players

As for Bob Crowder...he was selected in the Hall of Fame as an that has nothing to do with his Coaching abilities or his Won/Loss record.

As for me leaving the Steelers to go to the Titans...sorry but you have some wrong information there...I played for the Steelers then Started Coaching for them due to me having a back problem. I coached for a year and then I left the Steelers and didnt coach or play for a year...So when the Titans started, I was not affiliated with the Steelers other than running their website. As for leaving the Titans to play for the Thunder...again Wrong...The Titans folded for a year after their first 2 years, I played with the Titans the first year (we had a winning season in which we went to the MSFL Championship..Lost and we also went to the MidStates Tournament Championship..Lost..the Second year we had a bad year but we finished strong but that was that..The Titans then closed up shop for a year and that was when I went to the Thunder..

As for me being respectful, again you make a valid point as I should be respectful for any team or league that continues to give us the opportunity to continue playing and Coaching this great game.
My only real point about that whole conversation was the fact that that league seemed more interested in the Quanity over Quality and with that I know a few of those teams that became members of that league are teams that havent finished seasons or forfieted games last season....

I would like to apologize if I offended you or any one else who have read my post and I promise you that I wont post any more on this subject....
Hope whoever you play for - Coach For - or just a fan of a team or league has a Succesful season...

Re: Hall of Fame?

Don you dont have to explain yourself to anyone. What you have and still doing for Semi-Pro football is great. Just keep doing what you are doing!

Dennis Morris
Minor League Football News Hall Of Fame "Class Of 2009"
AFA Hall Of Fame "Class of 2010"
American Football News Hall of Fame "Class of 2011"

Re: Hall of Fame?

hows his cornhole smell? the hof should be embarrassed that they selected a longsnapper! obviously you dont have to be very good to make it. kiss your coach and repeat process below! the hof is as prestigious as the "national championship"

Re: Hall of Fame?

hows his cornhole smell? the hof should be embarrassed that they selected a longsnapper! obviously you dont have to be very good to make it. kiss your coach and repeat process below! the hof is as prestigious as the "national championship"

Not good! Ok what ever you say. Why dont you post your name wooohooo? You must not be all that good that is why you didnt put your real name on there!

Dennis Morris

Re: Hall of Fame?

I stand by what I said. I got bothered when Gambrel sounded like he was looking down on the efforts of the GDFL or any new team or league for that matter. My point is that some people believe their own hype so much that they look down on others. I stated the TRUTH. And for Dennis YOU of all people know that the HOFs are a crock, good for websites and such but still a crock.