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7 on 7 in Northern Kentucky

I was just wondering if any team in Indiana would be interested in a 7 on 7 sometime in April?

We are trying to round up 5 teams, preferable a team from 4 or so different leagues to compete in this. It would give us a chance to go against some different competition than what most of us generally see in our leagues. This event will be hosted by the Kentucky Stallions. If any team(s) would be intersted please feel free to text me or give me a call. I will have a definate date by tomorrow, but it will be a Saturday in April. I would like to get a team from the IFL and the newly formed Crossroads league if I could.


Re: 7 on 7 in Northern Kentucky

Do you have exact day, time, place, cost set yet??? Will there be officials? Will there be down lineman? What about the clock, will it be continuous, or will you just play to a certain score and win by a score? I'm interested in this for sure, but I would need the specifics ASAP.

Re: 7 on 7 in Northern Kentucky

We are shooting for April 23rd but we have to find out today from the school if that is a good date for them. We are right now in the process of drawing up the "rules/guidelines" now.

Basically (2) 15 minute qtrs with a running clock
Points will be scored for TDS, INTS, 1pt conversion or 2 pt conversion. Ideally we were thinking going 50 yds that way 2 gams could be played at once. And possible using the coaches from teams not playing to "ref". YOu will have 4 downs to make a first. 4 seconds to get rid of the ball, if not play is dead loss of down.

That is just a little quick run down. I will soon have this in a word document and will email to the teams that are interested in this. As of now its us (kentucky stallions), Columbus War Eagles, Pickerington Wildcats (tenatively), Canton Hurricanes.

I dont think there will be a cost, it will be us paying for the use of our field. We just thought this would be a good idea to go against teams we never see play or play against. If you want to feel free to give me a call.

Re: 7 on 7 in Northern Kentucky

We have 4 teams now, so we are looking to fill 2 more spots. This will be a fun time for all teams involved. Let me know if anyone is interested.