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3rd String QB Rule

I know that with the mixed group of posters that represent the Supa Fan Board in regards to the many different leagues....and that some leagues use High School Rules, High School Rules with admendments, College Rules, College Rules with admendments, NFL rules and NFL rules with Admendments.....but I was really surprised about the 3rd String QB Rule in the NFL....

If the 3rd String QB enters the game before the 4th Quarter then the 1st or 2nd String QB can not return to the game....I know in the MSFL we use NFL rules and I can bet money that this rule has been broken...

Seems to me that if you have a 53 man roster you should be able to play anyone one of them at any time...

That has to be one of the craziest rules I have heard..Does anyone see any reason for it?