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Ready to Rock For 2011

Hey Folks-

So glad to see that the community is up and running and that many of you have already begun playing games here in 2011. I wanted to get a few words out and let you know my plans for predictions this year. Starting the first week of June, I'll begin with a thread for the listing of upcoming games and a thread for posting scores and details. I'll let the prediction machine warm up those first few weeks and let the info flow in. Then, beginning the week ending in June 25th, I'll begin predictions for the 2011 season. I can't wait.

A word of reminder from this past winter: I plan to have a much quicker trigger finger in terms of dealing with ugliness and nonsense this year relative to years past. When it comes to dealing with all of that- as Danny Glover has so well put it in the past- I am getting too old for that shit.

Good luck to all of you as you get into a rhythm on the practice field- and especially to those for whom the season has already begun. Let's make it a banner year for Minor League football in the Midwest.