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Dark Knights @ Crush
The Crush have a few good athletes along with one very speedy DB/KR. Scored on a kickoff reverse on the Renegades. There is no reason why the Crush do not get a win this week. If the Crush play their personel right on offense they will get a W in my opinion this week Pick goes to the Crush
Prediction: OC Crush 14-7

Revolution @ Vipers
The Revolution proved last week they are here to win. I said it once I will say it again, their run game is scary and put up some points. The Vipers got a wake up call we all saw coming when they asked for it from the Force. They are on a rampage this week but unfortunetly for them, The Isoms run all over the field with ease!!! Now if the Revolution "D" plays all minutes of the game and do not think they won before the clock hits zero could win big but Vipers score late.

Prediction: Revolution 35-21

Raiders @ Blitz
As I stated before and was proven correct the Raiders are the same Raiders of past but got lucky and played till the clocked stopped and won a hard game vs the Renegades. For me it still does not come back to them this week against the Hard Nosed Hard Hitting Blitz this one still will be close
Prediction: Blitz 21-10

Cardinals vs Warriors
The Cardinals should score all over the Warriors as easy as the Revolution and others have scored on them. They have one speedy reciever shut him down and the rest is a wrap. The Cardinals just have too much fire power as proven last week
Prediction: Cardinals 30-7

Renegades @ Force
Boy Oh Boy what a game this will and should be. The Renegades are going into this game inspired and lifted after they got W #1. This should be a game of undefeateds already in the season. The Force just keep showing improvement and this may be their year. No doubt the team to beat in the Ohio Division. If the Renegades travel well and all members of the Defense is present they will shut down the Force "O". If they believe the game has been won before they play the Force are bound to rip them just like the Vipers. This one is going to be CLOSE but I have to pick the Defending Champs still
Renegades 28-21