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A New GDFL No.1 For The First Time In 2011

A New GDFL No.1 For The First Time In 2011
This Top 25 is like loading bullfrogs in a pickup.

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Updated Tue, 09 Aug 2011 02:17:53 CT

ATLANTA, GA - Have you caught your breath yet or are you still using that brown paper bag to inhale and exhale from a weekend filled with upsets. To be specific six Top 25 teams fell including three in the Top 10 including the then-No.1 Carolina Warriors who fell 16 spots to No.17. The water filtering process is underway in the GDFL.

When number one falls someone must take their place, enter the Oklahoma Thunder. The Thunder are 8-0 and are doing it with staggering numbers. How staggering you ask? Let's go "Inside The Numbers" of the Thunder.(numbers courtesy and GDFL league office)

1- game where opponent did not show (Saint Louis Bulldogs)
2- shutouts in 7 played games
5- games the Thunder have scored 52 or more points
8- lowest margin of victory this season (vs Dallas Diesel)
13- points allowed in 4 games against current division opponents
23- most points allowed in a game this season (vs Dallas Diesel)
60- average points per game this season
62- points allowed in 7 played games this season
90- largest margin of victory this season (vs Kansas Diamondbacks) *GDFL Record*
96- most points scored in a game this season (vs Kansas Diamondbacks) *GDFL Record*
170- point differential in 2 games vs Kansas Diamondbacks
286- point differential against 4 current division opponents (Kansas Diamondbacks and Kansas Kaos; twice each)
299- points scored in 4 games against current division opponents
358- point differential this season in 7 played games
420- points scored this season in 7 played games

[enter your own expressive adjective]...and you thought you didn't need that brown paper bag anymore. Clearly by the numbers a No.1 team the Thunder are.

Elsewhere in the latest rankings...The Fayetteville (NC) Horizon have quietly entered the Top 5 at No.5, how far below the radar is this bunch? Entering the top 10 were the Buckeye Bearcats at No.8, Hampton Roads Hurricanes at No.9 and the Columbus Gladiators re-enter the top 10 at No.10. The other two teams suffering losses in the top 10 were the Carolina Bulldogs falling eleven spots to No.18 from No.7 and the Derby City Thunder falling nine spots to No.19 after their loss to the now-No.2 Indianapolis Tornados.

The middle of the pack was not upset proof either as the then-No.13 Clarksville Wolfpack lost to the now-No.3 Kentucky Wolverines and check in at No.23. The Palmetto Havoc also fell eight spots from No.16 to No.24. The Atlanta Chiefs re-enter the Top 25 at No.25 after the then-No.22 Florida Falcons had their wings clipped by the now-No.6 South Georgia 'Noles. The Chiefs face the No.4 Henry County Horsemen and No.13 Georgia Jets to closeout the regular season. The Chiefs were as high as No.12 this season before the injury bug bit but at this time of the year what team isn't dinged up. Lastly the Tennessee Hurricanes also re-entered the rankings at No.22

As the GDFL enters Week 11, the final scheduled regular season week,(there will be on rescheduling week held after Week 11) the playoff jockeying will continue with several key contest with playoff implications littering the slate (remember that water filter?).

Composing this weeks rankings are eight true undefeated teams, nine unbeatens, ten one-loss teams, five two-loss teams and one three-loss team. Ok your head is spinning enough so here are the full rankings entering Week 11 action.

1. Oklahoma Thunder 8-0 (Thunder pictured below in White vs.Dallas Diesel)
2. Indianapolis Tornados 8-0
3. Kentucky Wolverines 8-0
4. Henry County(GA)Horsemen 9-0
5. Fayetteville Horizon 8-0
6. South Georgia Seminoles 8-0
7. Chambersburg Cardinals 7-0
8. Buckeye Bearcats 8-0
9. Hampton Roads Hurricanes 7-1
10. Columbus Gladiators 7-0-1
11. Jefferson County(GA)Warriors 6-1
12. Ashville Grizzlies 8-1
13. Georgia Jets 6-1
14. Virginia Cougars 7-1
15. Louisiana Bayou Vipers 7-1
16. Beaufort Hornets 8-1
17. Carolina Warriors 6-1
18. Carolina Bulldogs 6-1
19. Derby City Thunder 7-1
20. Dallas Diesel 7-2
21. Camp Lejune Bulldogs 7-2
22. Tennessee Hurricanes 7-2
23. Clarksville Wolfpack 7-2
24. Palmetto Havoc 7-2
25. Atlanta Chiefs 5-3

After Week 10 no team is safe and you can only expect that Week 11 has an upset or two or three lying in wait, but from where?